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Top Invention From China Essay

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China has had lots of inventions and contributions to the world and just about all of them are still used today. The compass was one of the inventions created by the Chinese to help build their buildings in the right direction. Also Chinese Medicine was introduced in the ancient times and it shed some light on acupuncture and massage therapy. Printing and the umbrella were also other inventions developed by the Chinese. There are several more inventions and contributions that the Ancient Chinese developed but the main four that I believe to be the most important are silk, paper, porcelain, and good old gun powder.
The Chinese invented silk more than 2,100 years ago. The Chinese didn’t’ ...view middle of the document...

This invention is one that I personally can not live with out, because as a student I’m always taking notes, reading my textbooks and jotting down ideas for papers on paper. I simply can not live without paper.
Porcelain is another great invention developed by the Chinese. It was invented during the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese have made the world’s finest porcelain for centuries which is why I believe it belongs in the top four invention or contributions to the world. Even today it is so well know that porcelain is made in China, that when people get married they register for china (which is porcelain). Once porcelain was invented it became a great canvas for artistic work to be made on. Porcelain was mostly white with artistic artwork on top of its surface. The artwork on the porcelain was so nicely made that at the time of the invention, porcelain was in high demand to decorate the emperor’s palace.
Another great invention that was developed during the Tang Dynasty was gun powder. The creator’s name of gun powder has been lost in history. Gun powder’s development was mostly used to make fireworks. Later in history during the Song Dynasty,...

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