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Top Bookstore On The Rise Essay

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Being that not many people come in and buy, not much money is made.

2. Business problem statement
The problem with TOP bookstore is that it lacks technology. In today’s society, technology has taken over and if you aren’t a part of it then you will be left behind. Lauren Hunter stated that, “Churches are often fearful that technology needed will be too expensive, too difficult to learn, or too complex to maintain.” (Hunter, 2012) However, this isn’t the case, especially if you have a younger tech savvy person as myself working on the inside. The plan is to find a way to implement technology to increase business for the bookstore.

3. General benefits it will provide the organization
The company will benefit from adding technology in many different ways. First off, it would benefit financially because the use of technology would bring in more and different customers and they would buy products. Second, it would benefit the company in a competitive way. It would have a competitive advantage over other surrounding bookstores. Another benefit for the company would be preparation for the future. Adding in technology would benefit the business in the long run. It would bring in customers and makes things run more smoothly within the business. It would also help the employees to communicate more effectively among themselves and among the customers.

4. High level approach(es)
One approach for involving technology with a bookstore is creating a website (Hollingdrake, 2012). It is one of the easiest ways to bring in customers from all over. People surf the net all of the time and having a website can give them insight on what to expect when they call or come in to the store. The website should include but should not be limited to: name, address, number, directions, pictures, and even some products that are being sold in the store.
A second approach for involving technology would be opening an online store or catalog. This approach allows the customers to order online or come in and discuss a product they saw online. It also allows easy access for the customers who don’t have time to come in or those who want to just see if the store carries a certain product.

5. Audience
The target audience for this project is the employers, the store, and the customers. Everyone can benefit from it. It helps the employers build their paycheck since they are paid off of commission, it helps the store because it could possibly build customer loyalty and increase word of mouth, and it helps the customers with fulfilling their needs and wants.

The business problem is lack of competitiveness and profitability due to the lack of technology implemented within the business. Investigating and finding a way to add technology into the business to increase competitiveness among other bookstores and profitability is what needs to be done.

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