Too Much Tv Can Be Harmful

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Too Much TV Can Be Harmful
Watching hours of television is a powerful factor that is harming the minds and behaviors of children living in today’s world. That is why parents need to take action and be more in control of the programs their children’s watch so they can grow up to be happy and healthy children.
Watching television can be fun and entertaining for only a few hours, but children in today’s world watch an “average of 17 hours a week” (Lawrence). The worst part is, instead of watching educational channels, such as the “History Channel”, children watch non-educational channels, such as MTV, which harms children with the numerous amounts of programs with violent scenes. In ...view middle of the document...

Now, children are exposed to television that show many “adult material on grade–schoolers before they are emotionally [capable to] assimilate it, which can be chaotic and dangerous” (Lawrence). That is why “school curriculums have been expanded to teach new topics [such as] AIDS, adolescent suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, incest” (Lawrence). The President of the United States, Barack Obama has two young daughters and said that the “television industry should provide more guidance on the content of its programming” (Jeff Zeleny). Obama also mentioned that a rating system and an easier way to block programs would be beneficial. All this is making children lose their innocence faster than in other generations and mature faster into an adult.
Television is not only making children mature faster, but it is cutting down on their reading time or other activities which are more beneficial. According to an article, by Siobhan McDonough, “Children who live in homes where the television is on most of the time may have more trouble to read than other kids” (McDonough). The reason why so many children do not read while in their room is due to the fact “that about one-third of children 6 and younger have TVs in their rooms and that a similar proportion live in homes where a television is on most or all the time” (McDonough). Another reason is because if a child has a television in their room it will interfere with other activities such as” playing with toys, being read to or playing with adults or talking with parents”, said Dr. Henry Shapiro, chairman of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at the American Academy of Pediatrics (McDonough). There was a study, by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Children’s Digital Media Centers which found that only 34 percent of children ages 4 to 6 can read because of too much television, compared with 56 percent of those children who can read because less television is watched at their household.
Television can harm a child in so many ways, and change their physical appearance. The reason for is because “so much TV time can cause kid to become fat, eat junk foods and not get enough sleep or adult interaction” (McDonough).
Mrs. Jimenez has a seven year old daughter named, Karla and is very concerned and aware that too much television can be harmful for her daughter. Mrs. Jimenez said “many friends that I have let their children watch TV all the time, all day long. I tell them it’s bad, but they do not listen. I guess it’s because they don’t have time to interact with them since they are too tired from work but who am I to tell them what to do with their kids” (Jimenez). Mrs. Jimenez is concerned about how much television Karla watches and lets her “watch about an hour and a half, and no more since she is a very hyper kid” (Jimenez). According to Jimenez, if Karla watches violent programs, “She will become uncontrollable and run around the entire house” (Jimenez). Jimenez said that Karla loves watching SpongeBob...

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