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Too Many Faces Essay

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In today's society it’s become so damn important to share everything with everyone. The Internet has made all the arrangements for us to update the world about what we are doing, and we are all slaves to Facebook, Twitter and various online communities.

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular of the internet's meeting point, and the book is probably more read than both the Bible and the IKEA catalog. It is a habit or bad habit if you want, to check this page several times a day, but I honestly do not understand why. I log on, check my friends' status updates, but I really do not care what they are doing. Obviously I have no problems with titling a guy I've met twice as a friend. Uncritically I ...view middle of the document...

Facebook is always very cynical. The exception is if you're a teen girl and have updated their profile photo. Then the messages will flow and tell you how nice and sweet you are, and the teenage girl is playing flattered and modest. She replies that it is not she who is the cute in that particular comment box, and a heart and smiley face war is held over the next few minutes. This is to be more creative with the keyboard, and draw the most under-refundable all faces with signs and letters. I have yet to experience such a thing with my profile picture. Strange, but fair enough.

Selectivity is a virtue. For Facebook to function optimally, I think we should get a little more selective. Not only when it comes down to what people you mention as friends, but also what you want to share with these individuals. How interesting it is for the outside world to know that I'm eating burnt toast and a smoothie for lunch? I’m certainly quite frustrated with all my fellow youth telling me everything about their eating habits, math tests and leisure activities. I do not want to know that they are dancing oompah, and it doesn’t interest me at all who's been sweethearts among my friends. The day Facebook came along, privacy died.

But even if I do not care about my fellow men’s activities, I do visit several social networking websites daily. Involuntarily I become updated on the outside world, and I remember details from someone else's life better than my own. And even though I do not pass any interest in the lives of others, I surely live on the feet of Facebook. I will probably never be able to log off.

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