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Too Bad Its Not A Plastic World

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Brittany Bradley
Mr. Magee
Comp II
Too bad it is not a plastic world.

Society emphases that woman need to look a certain way to be accepted. The poem, Barbie Doll, written by Marge Piercy tells the story of a young girl growing up through the adolescence stage characterized by appearances, and sometimes crude comments.
Piercy uses imagery and fluctuating tome to describe the struggle the girl is experiencing during her teenage years, and the effects that can happen. Piercy show that woman are forced to think that at a young age one should look and act in a certain way.
Constantly, woman are mocked for their appearances and expected to represent a Barbie-doll figure. Considering Barbie is “plastic” and very unrealistic, it is very hard to reach this ...view middle of the document...

Next, in the second stanza it is mentioned how the young woman was healthy, intelligent, and posed strong arms and back. These are good qualities for a man. A woman is suppose to be beautiful, graceful, and caring. Society does not care about how strong a woman is. They base judgment on her appearance. Even kids at a young age start making fun of, or name calling over an individual’s physical appearance.

Also Piercy, uses the magic of puberty to describe the age where appearance comes into effect. It is ironic that this particular word is used because puberty is actually a stage of emotional crisis. A hurtful remark was made towards the child, and she was described as having a big nose and fat legs.
Next, in the third stanza the girl went to an fro apologizing, while everyone still saw a big nose and fat legs. Society places woman into the mold where they begin to put on a fake act and apologize for their misfortunes. Also the girl was advised to play coy and smile. Once again women are pressured to act unreal like a Barbie doll. The fan belt mentioned in this stanza is a form of imagery, to describe how one is fake act can wear out over time, like hers did.
Only is it in the last stanza where the girl is laying in her casket and is finally given a encouraging compliment. While laying dead and unable to hear what is being said the undertaker says “Doesn’t she look pretty.” The undertaker was able to use make up to cover up all the pain and agony this young woman had to live through. This is another prime example of a young woman taking her life because one does not feel as if she “fit in.”
This poem is just a prime example of the effects of society, peers, and the media. Everyday woman are thriving to be the next Barbie doll. In this particular case, it spilled out of control and ended at death.

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