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Tonya, Kindergarten Case Study

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Children’s development is usually a natural and effortless progression. Biologically
children are born, they develop, and they grow but sometimes their growth and development is
sidetracked and this interruption causes physical, social/emotional, and cognitive issues that if
they are not addressed early can be problematic for a child for his whole life. Using a case study
about Tonya who is an eight year old child in the first grade who is having some difficulties with
school and with her peer relationships I will explain how her development is affected because of
environmental and biological factors and present information about developmental theories that I
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Children’s development depends on the context of children’s lives; it is a combination of
their experiences, family, relationships, culture, schools, and neighborhoods (McDevitt &
Ormrod, 2010). These influences in Tonya’s life along with her natural biological makeup,
guide her actions, behaviors, and her development. Tonya has environmental factors affecting
her behaviors; Tonya’s mother being very ill with Lupus is an environmental factor concerning
Tonya’s well-being and development. Children at Tonya’s age are still attached to their parents
and when that relationship is upset because of serious issues such a disease children will become
angry and aggressive (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010) as Tonya has exhibited with her interactions
with her classmates. Tonya’s basic needs are not being adequately met and she is often hungry.
Because she does not eat in the mornings this is a contributing biological factor that does affect
not only her behavior but also her physical health. Children who are not well nourished will
have a lack of energy and focus, especially in the morning when classroom work loads are
usually more concentrated and there has been a considerable time lapse between meals. Children
cannot work if they are hungry and tired from a lack of food to fuel their energy needs and brain
function (Fleck, 2013). Tonya is lacking a nurturing adult relationship which is affecting her
physically, social/emotionally, and cognitively through a lack of sound nutrition and the added
stress of her mother’s illness.

In helping Tonya I would use educational theories of Vygotsky, he was a Russian
psychologist who believed that adults help to foster learning and development in children by
facilitating meaningful and challenging activities that would inspire them to make sense of their
experiences by the use of cognitive and physical tools (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010). By
providing Tonya with assistance from her teachers and positive interactions with her peers along
with meaningful activities gives Tonya the opportunity to learn and to develop. Once she has the
experience and new skills of one task she can move on to new learning tasks, by guiding Tonya
through a variety of activities this helps to build her confidence in knowing that she can learn
and work well with others and also helps to build on trusting relationships that she needs to feel
accepted and a sense of belonging.

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