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Tommorrow When The War Began Essay

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Question: When placed in unfamiliar and difficult situations, we are forced to think about and change our ideas about life and ourselves. How are Ellie and her friends shown to change in Tomorrow when the war began?
The themes of war and invasion throws peace and justice into turmoil, it shreds up the law book and sets it ablaze as if performing a demonic ritual. We are condemned to think with our hearts or our heads when subjected into these situations, our moral perceptions are given a twist and we think about difference between survival and the possibility of the deaths of your friends and families or even yourself. In an attempt to survive we are forced to ...view middle of the document...

John Marsden wrote Tomorrow When the War Began to convey the message that war should not be practised and how war can drastically change the lives of innocent beings.
Ellie and her friends are proven to change when they believed they were safe and never imagined anything as terrible as war would occur in the country town of Wirrawee where everything was always composed . The characters have a false sense of security, where Ellie says, "...We believed we were safe." According to this, Ellie ( in chapter six )refused to accept the mention of invasion because she says " This is ridiculous. I know what you're thinking and it is completely and absolutely impossible...These things just don't happen here not here, not in this country." This statement highlights the fact on how unfamiliar these friends are to the concept of war and the reluctance that is exhibited when trying to explain the factors associated with the disappearances of their families . Ellie eventually concedes that the nation or at least Wirrawee had been invaded . "I knew I had to admit all the possibilities now. I remembered all those politicians shouting and carrying on…" This quote shows how her opinions have changed and she refers back to foreshadowing indications and possibilities that all interlock into the bigger picture of war. Also, with limited information about the war the group had to change to trust their instincts because their survival depended on it. To depict this change from the idea of being safe to the realisation that this was in fact false, John Marsden uses anaphora in "I felt a new kind of fear; a kind of fear I hadn't even known about before" to create a...

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