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Tom Sawyer. In This Bookreport I Explain The Book "Tom Sawyer" And All The Major Events Of The Book

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Imagine living back in a day where school was not mandatory, children did as they pleased, and everything was undiscovered and exciting. In the book entitled The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written by Mark Twain, this was exactly how it was for the children of St. Petersburg. In this book, the freedom and innocence of the children was clearly shown by examining the daily lives and adventures of the characters. Through the characters of Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, and Huckleberry Finn, the author shows that this statement is true. These three characters helped to illustrate how the theme relates to the book.The main character of this story, Tom Sawyer is a very adventurous boy who greatly ...view middle of the document...

Once children grow up, they have already experienced these chores, and they realize that there is no possible way it could actually be fun. Another time in the story, Tom is feeling sad and depressed, so he decides to run off with his friends Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn and become pirates. The first day that they are pirates on Jackson Island, they need to start a fire to get warm and to cook the fish that they had caught during the day. Matches were not common, and they were not able to start one using any other means. Fortunately for them, they spotted a raft off in the river with a fire burning on it. They took their own raft and brought it over to where the fire was. On the way over, Tom captained the boat in a way such as a steamboat captain would. "It was no doubt understood that these orders were given only for "style" and were not intended to mean anything in particular." (P. 118) These unneeded directions that Tom used shows the readers how simple the child's mind is, and what little things are needed to be done to keep it occupied. During the period of time in which the boys were off on their own being pirates, nobody knew where they had gone. The town had searched for days, but came up empty handed. They quickly gave up and decided that one way or the other the boys had died, so they had a funeral for them. Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper had wanted to go home, because they were becoming lonely, but Tom was able to convince them to stay by telling them his secret plan. "(The congregation) stared while the three dead boys came marching up the aisle they had been hiding in the unused gallery and listening to their own funeral sermon!" (P. 155) This event shows the boys innocence because most people who had already matured would not have been so evil to trick a whole town into thinking that they were dead, and in reality, they were having a grand old time off by themselves. Using Tom Sawyer as the main character in this story, Mark Twain was able to show the reader the innocence of children.Becky Thatcher, a shy responsible girl, is the main young female character in this book. Towards the beginning of the story, the author introduces Becky Thatcher as the new kid in town. Tom instantly noticed her, and he started to become good friends with her. During the beginning of their relationship, neither of the two know much about each other. To find out more about Becky, Tom begins to ask her some questions. After a few questions, Tom asks her if she has ever been engaged. She replied no, but in fact, she did not even know what it was. After a little convincing, Tom got her to say that she was engaged to him. She said, "...I'll never love anyone but you, Tom and I'll never marry anyone but you- and you ain't to ever marry anybody but me, either." (P. 77) This event illustrates the fact that the kids were so innocent by the fact that they would say they were married at the tender age of around ten. The next example of how innocence was...

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