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Final Case Study

Answer5: In my opinion, out of the three options I would suggest the third option for the Controls, Inc. subsidiary. To continue with their current strategy containing a lot of errors and haphazard would mean dissolving the company into nothing in the coming future. Also I would also not suggest hiring an HRM specialist that also from another firm because the Company cannot afford to take such risks in handling such high paid workers who needs a suitable working environment with hardworking team-mates.
So the best thing to do is to slowly progress to achieve their targets by improving their human resource quality and services. There are lot of mistakes that were made by ...view middle of the document...

Therefore Controls Inc. must surely look forward to this matter and train their workers and make sure that all are involved in the formulation and implementation of International Human Resources Strategy.
There are many consequences that are faced by an expatriate management program which is poorly managed and it could rather create great loss to the firm in an aim to increase the revenue earned from foreign activities of the business. Before starting an assignment abroad the company must first
Other types of consequence would be improper movement or transportation of the team who are involved in the project abroad. The Randolf’s had a great deal of trouble in travelling and accommodation and a lot of money were spent on this way. The accommodation provided by the company was very unsuitable for James and they had to make other arrangements to fix it. The help that James received from Controls Inc.’s subsidiary, Controls Asia-Pacific, was often ineffective and inconsistent.
Other expatriates in China always had complaints about other Chinese workers and there was little or no support from the Controls Asia branch. Filtration, Inc was more helpful than Controls,Inc. to the expatriates in many ways. These drawbacks and carelessness will in the long-run cause a great job turn-over and lot of people would be lazy to work in abroad due to these hard to get management. Apart from the costs of sending workers abroad, these problems could later turn into cost when no taking seriously.

Answer7: James’ exposure to the Chinese business environment has taught him a lot of things and is happy to have been working with very fine laborers who are very dedicated and compassionate to the company and who followed the steps of James in all of his actions. There were lot of good people he made friends with in these 13 months like the Managing Director in Shanghai and many others who were very kind and open in discussing issues and being frank.
The Chinese environment was totally different as his perception sometimes. The factory management was not so bright. Employees were paid less and the safety features in the factory also lacked very much. Employees were in more size which James later decided to discuss about with the Chinese managers to reduce the number of workers to cut down cost.
James also noted that in Chinese Joint Ventures negotiated by Filtration. Inc., the U.S partner always secured the position of managing director. He also observed that when Chinese managers were dealing with subordinates, decision making was very top-down. The Personnel Department Joint Venture which is state-owned Chinese companies were unusually powerful to James compared to most U.S companies as they maintained all employment files and were very connected to the Communist Party.
James also noticed that most Chinese people were not following the Communist politics and saw that most like to live normal lives rather than being involved in parties...

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