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Toilet Training Essay

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Jordan Bittner
May 14, 2012
Research Paper
My research topic was on toilet training for toddlers, which is very important in the early years of children. I have never done any research on toilet training so this was all very new information and definitely well-needed. There is so much information on toilet training that I will go into later on in my paper. Information on toilet training is very important for parents, caregivers, siblings, babysitters, and day care centers. Anyone who is going to be around young toddlers should have vast amounts of knowledge on the subject and plenty of experience.
I introduced the potty to Emma when she was 18 months. ...view middle of the document...

There isn’t one correct way to potty training- as long as you are patient and positive. Parents need to be sure that they are just as ready as the toddler is and be sure to give the child their full attention and support. More than 80 percent of toddlers experience setback in potty training. It is important to not seem disappointed in your child if they have an “accident”.
“I introduced the potty to Emma when she was 18 months. I bought her one of those small potty chairs and explained to her this was her special potty. At this time I didn't yet push the potty we were just introducing it to her. I also would let her watch me use the toilet and explain to her "Mommy was going pee-pee on the potty like big girls do!" 
Why does the topic behavior occur or why do toddlers behave in such a way?
Sigmund Freud discusses why this behavior occurs which is during the anal stage. The anal stage is the second stage in Freud’s theory of psychosexual development, lasting from 18 months to 3 years old. This stage is the primary zone controlling bladder and bowl movement. Toilet training is the most common conflict issue during this stage (Cherry, 2012). The child needs to learn to control his or her bodily needs. By doing so, it will lead to a sense of accomplishment and independence. Freud believes that in order for the child to be successful in potty training is dependent upon the parents. Praise and rewards are the most successful way to help your child. This makes the child feel “capable and productive.” Even though being positive helps the child, some parents do not believe in this. Some parents will punish or shame a child for accidents. These types of responses can lead to negative outcomes. Freud explains two different personalities that can occur if the parents do not take the positive approach. The first personality is anal-expulsive personality, which can occur if the parent is too lenient. The child will develop a messy, wasteful, or destructive personality. The second personality is anal-retentive personality, which is when the parent are too strict. The child could then develop a personality that is stringent, rigid, and obsessive. (Cherry, 2012).
How does the child show the behavior?
As I discussed above, there are many symptoms that can show that the child is ready for potty training, both physically and mentally. The child must be able to hold urine and stay dry for three or more hours, but also be able to recognize the signs when he has to go and act on them before.
Why and when does the behavior become problematic?
Most children become physically capable of independent toileting between ages 2 ½ and 4 (Pantley, 2003). In the 1940s, 18 months was the common age for when toddlers were out of diapers, but recent studies have shown that the age for potty training is rising. (Davis, 2011). The common age for boys is 39 months while the age for girls is 35 months (Davis, 2011). It takes 3 to...

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