Todays Fantasy Tommorrow Reality Essay

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Omar Mohamed Masumbuko
Student NO. MBA/MSA/12/00011
Masters Business Administration, Mount Kenya University, 2013.

Assignment Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Masters Business Administration.
Lecturer: Dr. Jane Njuru.
Mount Kenya University, 2013.


Tim Berners-Lee. (1993) “We gave the web to the world for free, and that has totally transformed the world". Carpe diem "Seize the moment” As managers we need to think out of the box and come up with revolutionary and ingenious way to create products and services, as a Manager strategic planning, innovation, being a pioneer and a risk taker, thinking beyond the norms of an average person is a must to sustain the competitive edge.

The shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line on a flat plane,
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With this assumption creation of black holes and alternatively white holes in the laboratory is therefore hypothetical possible to create worm holes at will at any point.

Fig: 2 Hadron Collider Micro-Black Hole
The possibilities and implications of customized worm holes generating portal devices (Star Gate) will revolutionize how the world works and give validity to The Standard Model of Physics.

How will the worm Hole (Star gate) generating device work?.
As you pass through the event horizon of the worm hole (black hole), you are instantaneously de-molecularised and re-assemble at the other end (white hole).

Fig: 3 Instant De-molecularised And Re-assembled

It usually takes approximately two to three weeks for Cargo ships to travel from China to Kenya, with wormholes devices goods movement will be immediately, taken from manufacture to the supplier or consumer.
Mode of Travelling will change: instant teleportation to your desired destination, or deployment of rescue and aid workers to disaster area, Movement of armies to battle field.

Fig: 4 worm holes generating portal devices
Time travel, Interstellar tourism, interstellar colonization, inter-planetary mining of minerals, unlimited source of electricity, inter-dimensional and parallel worlds discoveries all this are hypothetical possible.

This can have huge implications in scientific advances; Think of the possibilities in Context of entrepreneurial Management and global operations, the only limit of this application is our imagination and inability to think.

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