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To What Extent Is This Definition Of Masculinity Applicable To The Central Male Character In ‘A View From The Bridge’ By Arthur Miller And ‘Freedom’ By Jonathan Franzen?

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Masculinity was important in America in the 1950s when A View from the Bridge is set. Both Franzen and Miller show that masculinity can be expressed by the different characters in his novel in many different ways which highlight the many aspects of masculinity.
Both Franzen and Miller present masculinity through the ways in which the male characters interact with each other. There are conflicting views of masculinity in A View from the Bridge; Eddie represents the judgmental views of masculinity. His character is unable to bear Rodolpho’s attitude and appearance as it attacks Eddie’s individual definition of masculinity. “He’s like a weird…with that wacky hair…he’s like a chorus girl” Eddie ...view middle of the document...

In the closing moments of Act 1 of A View from the Bridge, Marco “raises the chair higher and higher,” in an attempt to show himself as the alpha male. In Freedom there are also situations which show the conflict between the masculine characters, Joey and Walter argue over being the dominant masculine figure in their household, “Joey was asserting his right to stay awake as late as Patty and Walter did…He's questioning the basis of our authority.” This implies that even at an early age Joey is developing his own opinions separate from that of his parents, this increases his level of masculinity and he is self-assured.
A View from the Bridge was set in the McCarthy era during which many suspected communists were captured and tortured for information. Lee J Cobb informed the authorities about Miller, a suspected communist at the time. Miller uses this in A View from the Bridge when Eddie snitches to the authorities regarding Rodolpho and Marco. After Miller is released, he asked Lee J Cobb to play the part of Eddie in the production; this shows Miller’s awareness of Cobb turning Miller in. We can see there was conflict between American and community (Italian) law in the 1950s and onwards in Eddie’s implied belief that American law doesn’t deliver justice, because of this he gives Marco and Rodolpho to the authorities. In A View from the Bridge, Eddie reprimands Marco for accusing him of snitching; this implies Eddie cannot bear to hear any critical accusations of him, “Wiping the neighbourhood with [my] name like a dirty rag…I want my name.” Eddie cannot accept the accusation; he resorts to denial, acting as the innocent until proven guilty man. He acts as if the idea of the accusation aimed at him is impossible for him to have committed. In Saul Bellow’s point of view this suggests that Eddie cannot “hear and bear what is said of him” therefore his masculinity is lessened.
Masculinity can be expressed through the authority and directive tone in which the men talk to one another. Both writers use this to show the alpha male domination of each other. In A View from the Bridge Marco and Eddie disagree over the domination of each other’s character, “You [Eddie] go on your knees to me.” This shows Marco’s authoritative masculine tone; he views Eddie as an animal, vicious and cruel but one that answers to a higher authority, or in this case true masculinity. Marco continues the accusations of Eddie towards the end of A View from the Bridge, “That one! I accuse that one! He killed my children. That one stole food from my children” Eddie’s response to this implies he is projecting a façade of being able to hear and bear the worse by not listening to criticism but also giving a defensive statement at the same time. “He’s crazy!” Eddie refuses to hear the worst of him implying that Eddie feels guilty and ashamed of his actions of snitching to the authorities on Marco and Rodolpho. As CWE Bigsby argues, ‘Miller’s characters are people who try to escape...

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