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To What Extent Is Friar Laurence Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet?

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Bruno is nine- year old boy who is growing up in Berlin during the World War II. He

lives in a 5-story house with his parents, his 12-year-old sister Gretel and a few servants.

His father has a very important job and they have just been visited by a man called the

Fury (aka Hitler). After he visits, his father gets a new uniform and his title is changed to

‘commandant’, and to Bruno’s displeasure the family have to move away to a place

called Outwith (Auschwitz) therefore I will explain stylistic techniques such as narrative

structure, tone and choice of language what shows the perspective of a nine year old boy

in World War II .

So in this essay I will explain what ...view middle of the document...

He wondered whether that

was what was happening to him now.” (P105) John Boyle also made the reader feel like

when Bruno wasn’t under the command of his father and mother he would go bye his

adventure books as a manual on survival showing such innocent in his mind.

“Why are there so many people on that side of the fence? ‘He asked. ‘And what are you

all doing there?” (P115) There’s a cotton wool sense to this young boy were his parents

think of him to young to know the truth about the war but I find if he knew more about it

some things would of ended differently, but as he wasn’t told he become to much of an

adventurer, gullible or naïve to a great story.

“Down below he saw the door to father’s office standing open and a group of five men

outside it, laughing and shaking hands. Father was at the centre of them and looked very

smart in his freshly pressed uniform. His thick dark hair obviously been recently

lacquered and combed, and as Bruno watched from above he felt both scared and in awe

of him.” (P 42)

There’s also this desperation for Bruno to want a loving father the way Boyne portrays

him, booming voice, powerful and a strong man also with that the change in

houses have change the emotion and feel of his father seems like he has no time for his

family and little patience for them too.

I felt that when Bruno left Berlin, everyman who came into his life showed him no

warmth or love except for Pavel and that was one of the people “father said weren’t

people and they weren’t to be trusted”.

The new house compared to the old house shows the sudden change of emotion desolate,

all on its own and there is more in depth description on chapter two. Another point is the

surroundings of the new house, no one strolling along or rushing around everything felt

cold “as if he was in the loneliest place in the world” (p13).

Also in the chapter name ”Out of bounds at all time and no exceptions” pretty...

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