To What Extent Is David Cameron A New Right Politician

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To what extent is David Cameron a New Right politician.

When Thatcher acted by defending the Falklands in 1982, it proved she was patriotic and willing to invest in the military, £200 million was spent on defence and harrier jump jets were introduced. The investment in the military and the defence fits into the New Right ideology as it developed those areas into a more powerful body. This came into place because Argentina's military landed on and occupied the Falklands which is under British rule. Thatcher being extremely patriotic decided to act by defending the Falklands, in addition the Falklands citizens wanted to remain apart of the UK so Argentina couldn’t justify why they occupied ...view middle of the document...

New Right also believe that Law and Order should be of an authoritarian position, with punishment to be the main deterrent of crime, they continue to remain concerned that there are excessive levels of crime and disorder and wish to combat crime with a more authoritarian approach to sentencing and by employing more police, by doing this they sacrifice individuals freedoms for the sake of public security. They have always had an authoritarian approach to Law and Order since Margaret Thatcher who brought forward this approach, before Thatcher Conservatives believed that Law and Order should be preserved instead of promoting new ideas. I believe this approach isn't a good approach as I think it would be better to invest in rehabilitating the convicted, as imprisonment takes a lot of the tax payers money, where as if we rehabilitate them it would allow offenders to slowly be brought back into society and they would contribute to the country. However it is beneficial as it keeps offenders beyond rehabilitation in a place where they aren't a threat to society as well as harsher punishments acting as a deterrent to committing crimes.

David Cameron would therefor fit the New Right ideology as he converted the initial soft line into hard line and aimed to take initiatives to reduce juvenile crime, by following the idea to be more harsh in terms of punishment, in this case he would be a strong believer in New Right ideology as he follows it very closely, so to a certain extent he is a New Right politician.

New Right ideology also believes the state should have as little involvement as possible and it should not look to create economic or social change. They also believe hat individuals should be able to chose freely between public and private sector, and welfare benefits are disincentive to work and enterprise as they create a dependency culture and should be decreased. Under Thatcher schemes such as Right To Buy, in an attempt to give more independence as well as create more wealth, the original thinking behind the scheme was "to give people what they wanted, and to reverse the trend of ever increasing dominance of the state over the life of the individual." The scheme was a huge success as...

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