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To What Extent Have The Millennium Development Goals Been A Success?

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To what extent have the Millennium Development Goals been a success?



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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) provide a comprehensive framework through which the society can address pressing issues of poverty. The MDGs are made up of eight major objectives, which are all related to global development. In 2000, 189 world leaders signed a Millennium Declaration. The leaders set 2015 as the deadline for achieving the set MDGs. There has been a mixed result of the progress towards attaining these goals. One of the major achievements has been achieved is that there has been a major ...view middle of the document...

It is alleged that between 1990 and 2004, the national consumption share of the poorest population in developing nations decreased to 3.9 % from 4.6%. Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa exhibit the greatest percentage of inequality.
It is believed that the percentage of underweight children below the age of five years decreased by one-fifth across the world. This was largely attributed to nutritional advances in East Asia and China, which have already surpassed the target set by MDG. Latin America, Middle East and the Caribbean have also made some substantial progress towards attaining this goal. However, the goal of reducing the number of people suffering from hunger by half is unlikely to be attained globally unless there will be improvements in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
Achieve Universal Primary Education
The major goal of MDG is to ensure that by 2015, both boys and girls are able to complete full primary courses across the globe. Notably, the net enrollment of children has significantly increased from 80% in 1990 to 88% in 2005. Most of this happened after 1999. Although the sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest percentage of enrollment, there has been significant progress since 1999. Children from rural areas and poor families have the largest percentage of children who are unlikely to join primary school. On the other hand, girls form the greatest percentage of children not likely to enroll in primary school is at 57% (United Nations, 2006, p. 3).
Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
The major aim is to eliminate gender disparity in both primary and secondary education by 2005, and in all levels of education by 2015. 70% of the unpaid family workers are women, and majority of them live in rural areas. Notably, there have been little gains in women participation in paid, non-agricultural employment. Western Asia, South Asia and the oceanic regions are places where women have lower participation rate in the labor market. However, they have made some great gains, especially in North Africa, where women participation has been static. There has been gradual growth of female participation in politics. For instance, in January 2007, 17% of women represented lower and single houses of parliament as compared to 13% in 1990. In this case, there were only 19 countries with at least 30% of women representation in government.
Reduce Child Mortality
The aim of MDG is to reduce child mortality rate by at least two thirds for children under the age of five years. It is alleged that more than 10 million children died before attaining the age of five years in the year 2005 alone. The rate of child mortality has been declining in most countries. However, the decline has been inconsistent across the world. The mortality rates are high in Asia, South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and in Oceania. In countries with the highest reduction in mortality rates, the changes are witnessed in urban areas, among...

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