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To What Extent Do Prime Ministers Control The Decisions Made By Their Government? By Alice Jones

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The prime minster has a lot of control about the decisions made by the government due to the powers they have over the cabinet. The prime minister chairs cabinet meetings, summing up decisions at the end of them and he also manages the agendas. This helps the prime minister to control meetings and direct the conversation in the course that he wants it to go in. The prime minister can also call when the meetings are and how long they are going to be showing that he determines the significant of a certain issue.

People might say that the prime minister doesn’t have that much control over the government because they rely heavily on weather the cabinet and parliament have confidence in them or not. This is the ultimate limitation on there power. The prime minister cant ...view middle of the document...

The prime minister is allowed to select politicians who he will work most closest to- ministers in the cabinet. This means that the prime minister has the opportunity to pick MPs who are loyal to him and are less likely going to disagree with the prime minister, and conform to the policies. Having the power to decide who is going to be in the cabinet is very important, it means that David Cameron can decide who is most likely going to agree with him to make sure policy can go through and who has the most political ideas that match with his, this will mean that it will be easier for him to control decisions made by the government.

The size of the parliament majority is critical for prime ministers, when the majority is low or non-existent the prime minister can never rely on parliamentary approval. This means it much harder to control the decisions made by the government. This means prime minsters have to work hard within parliament and their own party before taking their own initiative. This means they have to gain the trust, which might mean that the prime minister will have to agree with certain things to get his popularity up before he cant start on the policies he wants to be introduced, this shows that they wouldn’t have great control over the government. It will be harder for the prime minister to get anything passed if he doesn’t have the majority of parliament.

In conclusion, the prime minister has great control and power over the government, and decisions being passed even though it isn’t complete, this is because the ministers are picked to be in cabinet so they are trusted and reliable. Thought the prime minister must need to have parliament majority and the parties’ confidence to be able to control decisions being passed.

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