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To What Extent Changes In Organisations Should Be Carefully Planned And Monitored?

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1.0 Introduction.Nowadays, all organisations must be face changes, which are often connected with new things, or they will be dominated from competition. After all, they need to change in fashion or taste, se as to keep pace with their customer selection and with its competitors.Typically, the concept of organisational change is in regard to organisation-wide change, as opposed to smaller changes such as adding a new person, modifying a program, etc (McNamara n.d.). Change is a pervasive influence. We are all subject to continual change of one form or another. Change is an inescapable pant of both social and organisatonal life (Mullins 2002,p.818).Companies no longer have a choice-they must ...view middle of the document...

614). It includes market forces, political, new technologies, and Social and demographic changes. There will discuss each now.Economic shocks- The manager of a business has always been concerned with reacting to economic forces. Competitors introduce several new things like introduce new products, increase advertising, reduce prices or augment customer service (Bhanot n.d.). Operating within economic systems, organizations are controlled, to a large degree, by economic factors over which they have little or no control. Such as rise and fall or stocks, decline in the value of the Euro and collapse of Enron Corp (Robbins 2003, p.556).Political- There forces are created by social and political events (Kreiter & Kinick 1998,p.617). It includes the world politics, national politics and organization politics. Laws that address the manner in which they function, and organizations must operate within the legal framework of the countries in which they conduct their operations govern organisations. A growing concern for domestic organizations is the recent increase in the number of product liability suits (Finn 1987,p.114), Political pressures and processes also influence the legal system and may also influence the extent of government regulation of various laws.New technological -The knowledge explosion has introduced new technology for nearly every business function (Bhanot n.d.). The technological element tends to develop through periods of incremental change punctuated by technological breakthroughs that either improve or destroy the ability of firms in an industry. It is the current state of knowledge about the production of goods and services in an industry. For example, Faster and cheaper computers, new mobile communication and process reengineering.Social and demographic changes-The social trends include increasing environmental concerns, increasing cultural diversity, increasing education levels of the work force and increasing gap between haves and have-not (Cook& Hunsaker 2001, p.530). Sociocultural considerations are subject to change, so domestic firms must be aware of this aspect of the external environment as well as multinational firms.2.2 Internal ForcesInternal forces for change, which occur whining the orgnisation, can usually be traced to process and behavioral problems (Bhanot n.d.).Human Resource Problems/Prospects -These are things such as obtaining more money so that your organization can hire more people or finding out that one of your best teams has become dysfunctional due to personality conflicts. You may also discover that some of employees have hidden talents so that they may take on different responsibilities in the organization.Managerial Behavior /Decisions- Leaders has been having trouble relating to some of workers. Or one of the executives of the organization may be making decisions that will benefit him or her while harming the organization. In either case, there will need to make a change in the...

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