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To What Extent Are The Ideas And Policies Of The Labour And Conservative Parties Similar?

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In my opinion, I think that while the Labour and conservative parties started at different ends of the political spectrum, as time progresses and attitudes have become less radical, that both parties have become more moderate to appeal to the voting public, and in doing this, have become very similar as they both fight for the middle party.

When concerning environmental issues, I believe that the ideas that the Labour and conservative parties hold are incredibly similar, while this may be down to the fact that environmental issues are relatively new to politics, meaning they may be less likely to have a strong political agenda, both parties policies state that they want to work towards a greener Britain, however, where they differ is through how, whilst Labour have more specific and measureable goals ‘achieving 40 ...view middle of the document...

The two parties broad ideas are increasingly similar however, how the change that they agree on is to come about, are where the parties differ.

When concerning the economy, the two parties have more opposing views, with both critising the other, with the conservatives putting in measures of austerity, and informing ideas of cutting back, the Labour idea is of a slightly more Keynesian approach, talking about long term fixes, rather than the boom-bust structure that seems to be fixed in place. However, Labours idea was to keep the inflation at lower levels than what they had been previously they also aim to keep public debt down by repaying national loans and reducing public borrowing unless it is for long term growth. The Conservative ideas are essentially the same, with aims to keep inflation and public spending down. So while both parties critise each other’s actions when concerning the economy, they are in essence, doing the same things, just branding it differently.

To conclude, I would say that due to public trend shifting towards the center, the parties have realized that they need to change, to keep up with what the voters want, I would say that at face value, the two parties are very similar, both talking about reaching the same goals, just branding it differently, and arriving at the same conclusion, just through different means, so I would say that the conservative and labours ideas are to a great extent very similar.

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