To What Degree Did World War Ii Affect The American Society?

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To What Degree Did World War II Affect the American Society?
World War II occurred between 1939 and 1945. It led to many developments, some of them positive, others negative. One of the effects of World War II in America is that it led to deaths of many Americans. Among these were soldiers and civilians. Some of them were shot while at the war front. Others died due to the harsh environment of the war. According to Somerville (2008) the war left about 418,500 Americans died. This was about 0.32% of the total population. World War II was the highest in position terms of cost in U.S. history with costs over $350 billion and more than 292,000 American ...view middle of the document...

Before officially declaring its participation in WWII, America temporarily gave assistance to Britain, France and the Soviet Union. This was by means of the Lend-Lease Act. After the signing of Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt initiated the War Production Board where he made appointments. Sears- Roebuck became the executive vice president. Donald Nelson went on duty to organize the nation's wealth and resources in an effort to help pull America out of war. Roosevelt was a believer. He believed that, in a capitalist country, one has to let business make money out of the development [of war], or business will not work. Roosevelt also was a believer in the close cooperation of business and government (Norton, et al., 2011 Pg. 592). American’s wealth increased making them realize their dream.
Moreover, WWII influenced the US economy was by encouraging large-scale investment in new technologies. The partnership of key government, science, and prominent business established in the1940 created a secure base for future projects. There was commissioning of scientists to perfect new weapons and other products. There was the improvement of radar, development of such antibiotics as penicillin. In the 1940s, A. Schatz and S. Waksman discovered streptomycin. It helped to treat patients during the war. There was also development of jet engines. This was an addition to the progress of the atomic technology.
World War II led to change in management systems of business. During WWII, business executives were in management of key positions under Roosevelt, in a determination to combine industry with government. As a result of the interaction with the government, corporate profits and industrial production profits nearly came to double, as there was demand in markets that in the past had not existed. Inflation was to be brought to control by the Office of Price Administration. Food rationing was the cry in the American households. The Office of Price Administration (OPA) was set up to set up rationing regulations. With the military as top precedence, American families began to feel the pressing. There were no such substitute foods as paraffin and dried powder eggs instead of cooking oil. Violators of the rationing rules were handed strict punishment. There were profits in the commercial farming industry as they made use of the war to their advantage. The integration of small farms into large commercial farms, as well as the increase in demand for fertilizer, led to a steady rise of profit. Americans reacted to the crisis of WWII efficiently and effectively. They created the supplies and hardware that did made an impact to the turning point of the war, and had armies marching back in progress to Berlin, and the Japanese island moving quickly in the Pacific back to Tokyo. From airplane to rubber factories, expectant Americans did flood the work force. This significantly reduced the unemployment rates to about 20%.
The government encouraged its citizens to start "Victory...

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