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To The Big Screen Essay

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To the Big Screen

I Who doesn’t like sitting in a big cool movie theater watching the newest action movie or the latest suspense thriller? It’s hard to believe though that the two hours you watch on the big screen took months if not years of hard work and preparation to make.

II Movies aren’t just made out of thin air ready to be enjoyed. There is a process that every movie goes through in seeing that it gets made.

III This process varies slightly depending on the size of the movie, but overall every movie made, from the amateur film student using the video camera on his phone ...view middle of the document...

a The budget gets broken up into 2 categories to help see where the millions are being allocated to, above the line and below the line. Above the line accounts include the writers, directors, producers, and actors. The below the line account includes all the production expenses. (Honthaner, 2001)

3 The next step in preproduction is the hiring of the actual cast.
a Auditions are held for the supporting roles but a lot of lead roles are given rather than auditioned for. Once the cast has been set the next necessity is to determine where shooting will be held.

4 Scouting locations along with set building and wardrobeing actors are next and are some of the important parts that make up pre production.
a The script itself can only get a movie so far. Adding the right set along with the proper wardrobe can make a movie better then one with the same script but a poor choice insetting.

C Studios hope that preproduction is a quick and painless process but it rarely is. A movie could get stuck in the preproduction stage for years for a number of reasons. The movie could have trouble with finding financing, a bad script could cause rewrites to happen, or the studio might have a hard time hiring actors for the roles and coming to agreement with the actors in terms of their salaries.

Transition: Once all of preproduction is complete, its time to start rolling the cameras.

I While preproduction is mainly centered in the production office with getting the film ready to shoot, during the shoot all the focus is on the set.

A A movie has multiple things going on simultaneously. (Bomsdorf, 2011)
1 The crew can be spread out over different sets in two different locations. While filming is going on in one set the other set can be preparing for the next scene. It is important that everyone checks in with each other often to make sure the schedule is kept and that everyone is on the same page. Being organized is the key when it comes to the filming of a movie. And when events happen that put things off schedule happen, which they will, it is important to be able to get everyone back on track.

B Since movie studios put hundreds of millions of dollars into their movies, they require constant feedback from the set to make sure the filming is coming along at the right speed and that it is staying within its budget.
1 In the morning of everyday of filming the set sends back to the studio office a variety of info. (Honthaner, 2001)
a A daily wrap sheet is sent which is a highlight of the previous days shooting. It shows what scenes were shot as well as what sets were constructed and what special effect work was done.

b The daily reels are also sent to show the studio how the movie is looking.

c Many financial reports are also sent in every morning to the studio. They want to make sure they don’t loose their money so accounting records of every dime that is spent on set are set back everyday.

Transition: Just because the cameras...

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