To Review The Company, General Electric (Ge) Supply Chain And Its Components. Show How Expansion Within A Company Can Be Profitable Over Time

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To review the company, General Electric (GE) supply chain and its components. Show how expansion within a company can be profitable over time. |

General Electric also known as GE has been around for many years. GE is a global company that provides a variety of products in the United States and abroad. The company started in 1900 in a barn and they have been much more advanced as the years have progressed (Heritage of research, 2012). GE has more than 3000 employees working in research facilities throughout the United States, India, China, and Germany (Heritage of research, 2012). Through the years, the company has won several ...view middle of the document...

S. industrial energy efficiency coalition (2012). This company has joined with the Industrial Energy Efficiency Coalition (IEEC) which is an organization that collates with other companies to create federal policies so that organizations can create energy efficient strategies to increase productivity and sustainability within their firms (GE energy helps launch new U.S. industrial energy efficiency coalition, 2012). GE is always looking for ways to make improvements so that they are a green company and advancing their energy sources to make sure they are staying as efficient and up to date with the latest of technologies.
All this ties into last two supply chains risk management and continuous improvement efforts. GE has a risk management team or an audit committee who monitors the policies and processes to ensure they are following the standard operating procedures required by the company (Global risk management, 2009). The biggest improvement the GE is attempting to make is the one that will help companies become efficient but still have the increased productivity while still attempting not to leave a carbon footprint (Ecomagination report 2011, 2012).
GE has maintained a steady growth in profits over the years. Studies show there has been significant growth in profits from 2005-2009 and mainly due to GE increasingly showing efforts for staying attentive to the changing times mainly in energy infrastructure (Energy infrastructure, 2009).

GE PROFITS FOR 2005-2009

GE PROFITS FOR 2005-2009
| | |
| GRID | |
YEAR | | PROFIT ($ billions) |
2005 | | 3.2 |
2006 | | 3.5 |
2007 | | 4.8 |
2008 | | 6.1 |
2009 | | 6.8 |

Although GE has been successful, there has been problems within the company. A lot of it is said to be when it comes to the company’s management practices (Don't blame green for ge's problems, 2011). Some said that GE had a big problem when they attempted to go green (Don't blame green for ge's problems, 2011). What the company has to do is to make sure that they have management in place to go along with the ever changing times. Management has changed over time and most companies, including GE, have to go with the flow of these times and make sure...

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