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To Drill Or Not To Drill Renewable Energy

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Assignment: Wk 2 To Drill or Not to Drill?
October 20, 2013

The Renewable Energy: It’s Worth the Cost

Currently, there is a huge debate surrounding the future of renewable energy. Oil production is at the center of the debate as we are seeing a large increase in oil prices due to our need of foreign oil. There are some supporters of looking in our American natural landscape for resources such as oil to reduce our dependence on foreign supply and boost the American economy. Those opposed to this solution point question why destroy the American wildlife for a natural resource that will take too long to produce, cost the American people a large amount of money, and will not give any ...view middle of the document...

Supporters of seeking renewable energy also look at the effect on the environment from a lot of these natural resources. Due to the carbon found in a lot of these natural resources there are some studies that show carbon is leading to the issue of global warming. Seeking clean renewable energy sources is not just a positive direction in financial stability but also in preservation of life reducing pollutants and preserving our natural lands and wildlife.

After reading a few articles on the subject giving opposing viewpoints regarding renewable energy, I find that it is best to continue efforts in seeking renewable energy and not look to depend on the use of destroying the American landscape to search for natural resources that could eventually be totally depleted. I find that such ideas of drilling into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (AMWR) for oil are a Band-Aid or temporary solution to a much larger problem. I feel destroying the natural landscape is not something that can be fixed so it’s best to find alternative ways to sustain our industry and transportation needs. I also find that the effect on the environment will eventually become a problem where eliminating these resources that are harmful to the environment will be necessary just to lead healthy lives. I believe that we have the financial resources and ingenuity to create alternative solution to reduce the use of non-renewable energy. We are already seeing it with hybrid and electric cars. If we continue in this direction, there could be no need for the destruction of the American landscape just to seek non-renewable resources that will eventually be depleted one way another. I would rather have that option be considered in cases of a true state of emergency. If we use it now, I question, what will we use should we really have no other option.

As a moderate liberal, I...

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