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To Determine The Factors That Affect The Students Interest In Taking Hotel And Restaurant Course

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Glorie Ann B. Buniel
Problem: Factors affecting the interest of hrm student in Brokenshire College

This chapter presents the Introduction, Factors affecting the interest of hrm student in Brokenshire College. Many incoming students face these factors that might affect in choosing Hotel and Restaurant Management course from other courses available. Some students choose HRM course because they think that it is easy and a fast way to graduate because some of the mindset of the students are just to graduate and get a job like being a waiter or bartender, without thinking that the knowledge that they learned wasn’t put into good use. On the recent enrollment on Brokenshire College, students of Hotel and Restaurant Management course gradually increased, this shows that many students are giving interest in the course and because of that, the course is now being recognized as one of the top courses to be taken in the ...view middle of the document...

Students need to be more attentive and interested in our course because it will help us be prepared for your job in the future.
  Students, freshman through Senior, have the opportunity to begin networking, explore career options, and apply for internship and full-time employment opportunities. Hospitality Management is one of interesting course in Brokenshire College because the teachers give the best and good they teach well to the students. The students exposed in different activities, tour and etc. And introduce the students to the factors affecting behavior of individuals and in groups of organizations.
Kevin Teodoro
“Factors affecting the interest of the Student in HRM in Brokenshire College”
II-Problem Scenario
Brokenshire College Hotel Management train their students not only in fulfilling the standards of hospitality expected by guests in any hotel establishment, but also in the background work every hotel should be capable of doing. Amongst other things, this background work relates to language
Being a student of Brokenshire College of HRM is a demanding job which requires commitment, patience and adaptability. Is the best Hotel Management schools instill these traits in their students from the very beginning in order to help them to be able to make the most of the usual mid-course internship, an aspect of the course which dramatically affects the student’s learning curve. It is vital to be able to take initiative, react calmly to troublesome situations and anticipate potential problems. These are skills which can only be developed through experience, the principle reason internships are a feature of the majority of Hotel Management programs.

On completing the course, graduates can leave their Hospitality or Hotel Management School of Brokenshire College even a demonstrations that they are willing to learn and capable of applying their knowledge. These are factors which stand out on any resume, an excellent reason for electing to study at these institutions.

2012 /author /Teodoro

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