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To (Blank) Or Not To (Blank) That Is The Question

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To jump or not to jump that is the question,So what if it's a transgressionI would rather burn in hellAt least then it will be without choice that I sufferI could leave this treacherous place,Which makes me think of deathAnd continue to a place of tortureYet I don't know if there is such a placeSo it is when life turns to the worstThat I decide to place my bets that there will be no such placeOr should I wait this anger, pain and suffering outIs there anything to wait for?Will this get any better?Is ...view middle of the document...

t hope keeps me plantedBut what do I do now?The world is a terrible placeWhen no one is aroundA feeling of seclusion leaves me wonderingI'm all alone on this ledgeWith no one to guide me through thisNo one told me what to expect on the way downWill I just chicken out of this to?Am I just going to walk away from another challenge?Well I guess I am a quitterJust another reason to jumpBut should I just wait one more day?Maybe it will get betterMaybe I'll be happy tomorrowBut maybe I won'tWhat if it hurts more tomorrow?Could I bear to feel my heart pound and stomach turn again?So should I leap to my demise?Or not leap to my future?Should I look forward to a time less end?Or step back for a longer forever?I hear the voices trying to dictate my decisionBut which one of those voices once trembled with pain and tormentAnd felt the pain caused by the faceless criminal called LifeHe's wanted for many murdersI'm another victim standing with Life's 9 millimeter aimed at meI guess I won't fold just yetI'm sick of surrendering to everyone and thingI think it's time to do what needs to be doneI won't quit anymoreI won't just walk away from this ledge giving in againI'm not folding to anyoneSo here goes nothing!!!!!!

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