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To Be Or Not To Be One Of The Smart Kids

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To Be or Not To Be One of the Smart Kids
In the article, Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids, Grant Penrod writes how society stereotypes intellectuals and how their efforts are trivialized. He states that the football players are held up on a pedestal and treated as if they are gods, that they receive all the attention. Intellectuals are on the other hand are treated as outcasts because they are smart. That they are left out of all social aspects of high school. Or that they are labeled as “nerds”. Although I agree with Penrod up to a point, I cannot accept his overall conclusion that everyone dislikes smart people and the media glorifies celebrities that have no ...view middle of the document...

Penrod says “Unfortunately it represents just one statement along countless similar sites and postings, a veritable cornucopia of evidence attesting to society’s distaste for intellectuals.” In my experience I have never ran across anyone who has felt that way about smart people.
While Penrod writes, “The idea of the “geek” or “nerd” of the class is a familiar one to most students, and it’s not a pleasant one.” He is right that it’s not a pleasant idea. It’s not fair to lump a whole group of kids into one category. I think that he overlooks the fact that some of these kids make the choice not to be a follower. They choose not to participate in the social activities of high school. They understand at a young age the importance of an education if you want to get anywhere in life.
The truth of the matter is, is that high school is a popularity contest. It is now and always has been, as it will remain to be. Every student is trying to find his/her own place in this world and unfortunately it’s in high school that we all seem to do it. It’s also the place where kids are trying to figure out who they are as an individual. So basically they have all these pressures to grow up, do well in school, and try to figure out who they are as an individual all while trying to fit in. There is that small group of kids who go against the grain of the norm and don’t give in to everyone else by trying to fit in. They know what they want and what’s really important in life. They focus on their education and say “screw you” to everyone and their opinions. They make the choice not to go to the...

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