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Tivo Case Analysis

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TiVo Case Analysis
A number of technology-based products have had sterling forecast demands as TiVo had before launching the product with some of them going on to disappoint and others living up to the up when they hit the market. Samsung mobile, in its flagship Galaxy S4Smartphone had initial extremely positive forecast on the demand due to the innovation and efficiency (Costello, 2013). They then went on to experience weakening demand due to supply chain challenges. Apple iPhone in recent years have seen their demand forecast fall short despite investing in landscape-changing innovation compared to its competitors. This is blamed on the saturated high-end smartphone market (Rigby, 2014). ...view middle of the document...

This is also the target that has more of the unique mix of TV-involved consumers and those who can afford to buy the set-top box. Focusing on this group would mean that they would evolve into a word-of-mouth source of marketing for TiVo thus reaching even a wider customer base.
The position statement before the launch would display TiVo as a product pioneer in the Television industry and offer not just efficiency and coolness but also make this device accessibly affordable for the target market. “TiVo is the first in the entertainment market to offer an innovative, revolutionary but simple device that will allow viewers to watch all their favourite TV shows by providing up to 60 hours of recording for desired shows and pausing of live TV.” The second statement after the competition enters the market would seek to establish TiVo as the best value for money besides being a market leader and a pioneer. “To the lover of uninterrupted and customized entertainment while sitting at home, TiVo brings you a superior DVR that offers you the ability to decide what is on TV by allowing you to pause, slow motion, skip commercials, simultaneously playback and record.”
Due to the...

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