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Titled: Womens Equality Womens Equaity In Relation To Social Issues From The Past. The Assignement Was To Relate Womens Equality And The Struggle For Women In History To Get It

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Women's Equality Every American's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness explains the American Vision of Equality. Every American deserves the right to political, social, economical, and spiritual equality. The freedom of life gives the American people the equality of inequality. All Americans have the choice of making their lives as good or as bad as they want. Because of that right people can to choose to make our existence on earth whatever we want. Liberty gives us the equality of opportunity; as Americans we have the opportunity to make what we want of ourselves. In America, all people have the equal opportunity to succeed or fail based on their freedom of choice. If ...view middle of the document...

Women did have the right to vote in some states or territories before 1920, but only so the territory could become a state, or if the women became widowed. This did not allow women the right to participate in many elections or give their opinion on issues affecting them or their state. Granted, many women did not understand current issues in political society and had no interest of getting involved. But what about the women who wanted to? The United States unjustly took away women's right to liberty. All women should have had the right to equal opportunity. The women that wanted to get involved and have an effect on what happened in their state should have had the right too. In 1920, this unjust equality was ratified when the constitution added the nineteenth amendment giving all American women that right to equal opportunity.Women laborers during the early 20th century were in high demand in US factories. The factory owners could pay them less and make them work just as hard as the men in the factory. This caused a problem for many men in the work force. Many men could no longer find work in factories because it was cheaper to hire women for the same jobs. This took away men's right to liberty. Women had an unfair advantage to men in the workforce; they could get almost any factory job they wanted. Financially, it was cheaper for factories to hire woman to do the same work that men were performing, but at a cheaper wages. Eventually legislation passed to protect women from the long hours and hard labor based on the argument that women were not as strong, they had an inability to bargain equally with men, and needed to protect their role as mothers. This new law limited how long and when women could work. Women had unjustly taken away the men's right to equal opportunity of labor before this legislation passed. Later in history women were unjustly deprived of economic equality. Before the equal pay act of 1963 there were no laws stating that women should be paid the same as men if they possessed the same qualifications and skills. By not enacting this legislation earlier it deprived women of the right to life, liberty and her pursuit of happiness. Women never had the equality of inequality, the equality of opportunity or the freedom to be judged on merit. Women could no longer choose to be unequal economically, politically or socially. A Women was unable to decide how much money she wanted to make; she was paid less because she was a women not because she was under qualified. How were women supposed to pursue happiness if they could not be judged equally in individual merit and could do nothing to get ahead in life?The equal pay act gave women the right to economic freedom and the right to pursue what made them happy. Socially, women have had an unjustly unequal advantage to men as the custodial parent after a separation or divorce. Women have been labeled throughout history as the more qualified parent and therefore the one responsible to care...

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