Title: Replica Description: We Were Told To Write An Experience We Had Gone Through And Either Write It As A Factoural Story Or Creative, In Second Person. I Chose Creative

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You unlock the door, waiting the half a second it takes for the lock to switch from occupied to vacant. Walking out, you turn on the water tap and shove your hands into the running water. Remember, lots of soap. Must wash your hands. You've put your hands in places that you never would imagine putting somewhere, now they've got to be washed clean.You dry your hands and look at yourself in the mirror. Your hair is tangled, your face is flushed, the top button of your shirt is unbuttoned and giving a flash of the thin gold crucifix that lies against your creamy skin. Damn you, you naughty girl. Your mother's going to tell you you'll go to Hell for what you've done... well, she would if you ...view middle of the document...

'Exactly. See you in class, my love.'And with that, he walks boldly out of the disabled toilets, his business jacket snug around his upper body.Sometimes you wish you were a teacher. You could easily walk out of the disabled toilets like you have all the business in the world to be in there in the first place. Your relationship wouldn't have to be secret and you wouldn't run the risk of him getting fired. He doesn't seem to mind, though. Of course, then you must remember that you don't have any business to be in the disabled toilets, considering you are not disabled nor a teacher nor a disabled teacher, and you must remember that you are sixteen and as his student he will get fired.And you'll probably be expelled. Your mother wouldn't be too happy about that. Well, she wouldn't be if you told her.You open the door a crack and glance out. No one's around. You step out and shut the door behind you, and begin to walk quickly down the school corridor. There's no one around, but there never is. The corridor smells of a hospital, your brother has complained the one time he came to your school, and you admit that it smells one. And that the toilets smell like chlorine. You wonder how many more smells you can pick up here before the year is out (keeping in mind that it's only ten in the morning on a Monday in March).You stop walking suddenly when you hear a schoolgirl's giggle followed by a deep male voice.'Will you shut up?''Hmm... mmm... I can't... ahhh...''If you don't bloody well shut up we might be caught out and then I'll have to give you a detention.''That's no... threat... Sir...'The voices are coming from behind a closed door off a corridor leading to nowhere. You quietly slither down that corridor, pressing your small body against the side of the lockers, parallel with the door. You're in the shadows; they wouldn't be able to see you even if they weren't occupied, despite the sunshine flooding through the window directly opposite you.There's a window on the door, wide enough for you to see through into the room but slim enough for them not to notice anyone looking in. You can feel your blood heating up in your veins and your breathing comes in short, sharp breathes. Your face is flushing again, but you shouldn't be embarrassed - besides, you were just doing what you're seeing now minutes ago.But you haven't seen...

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