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Title Of This Book Is "Lord Of That Flies" And The Author Is William Golding. This Essay Shows, Who Is The Best Leader In The Story

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In the novel, "Lord of the Flies" which was written by William Golding, a group of boys are stranded on an island and a brave boy called Ralph steps up to become chief. On the other hand a boy called Jack also wants to be chief, and after a couple of arguments, he leaves the boys to start his own tribe. Ralph clearly reveals that he is the better leader because he shows that he is responsible, has courage, and shows integrity. All of the qualities that Ralph shows lead up to show that he is a great leader.Ralph displays many qualities throughout the story to show that he is a good leader, and one of those qualities is being responsible. When Ralph was voted leader, he insisted on having rules and decided that the only person that would speak during an assembly would be the person holding the conch. Ralph displays this when he states, "We can not have everybody talking at ...view middle of the document...

Like a good leader he took input from the other boys and listened to them. He didn't do what Jack did which was using violence with resort's to savagery.Ralph displays many qualities throughout the story to show that he is a good leader, and one of those qualities is having courage. Ralph shows many acts of courage in the story and one act was when he went to get Piggy's glasses back. Ralph knew that he was outnumbered by Jack's group but he did not lose hope. He stood up to Jack and demanded that he return Piggy's glasses. That took a whole lot of courage and could not have been done by a mere little effort. Ralph had to stand up to Jack many times even though he knew that he was much stronger and older than him. When Ralph was being hunted by Jack, he did not overreact but stayed calm. A true leader is someone who does not shatter up during a crisis but stays calm and musters up his courage.The last quality that Ralph display's to show that he is the best leader is having integrity. Obviously Ralph and everyone on the island wanted to be rescued, and in order for that to happen someone needed to see that smoke from the fire on the island. No one wanted to help Ralph keep the fire going except for a few people. Ralph not only viewed the fire as a cooking and heating source but as a way to be rescued. The other boy 's could not see that. The same thing happened with the shelters. Everyone just wanted to play and did not want to work. Again Ralph was the only one who strived for the shelters and was the one that knew how important the shelter's were to them. When Ralph was asked to join the savages he refused because he knew, that was the right thing to do. Joining the savages would mean resorting to violence and violence did not run in Ralph.One can clearly see with no doubt that the best leader is Ralph because he clearly shows that he has all the qualities a leader would need. A voter would vote for someone because of the qualities he shows, but if he changes his ways then one might not vote for the person. A leader is someone who sticks to his ways.

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