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Title Of The Title Essay

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AGEC 52400 Lec
8am RAWL 1071 M. Boehlje 01/14 - 05/01

AGEC 52400 Lec
RAWL 1071 M. Boehlje 01/14 - 05/01


AGEC 45100 Rec
10am SC 179 01/17 - 05/02

MGMT 45500 Lec
11am SMTH 108 J. ...view middle of the document...

Eales, 01/13 - 04/30 WTHR 320 A. Gray 01/14 - 05/01

AGEC 43000 Lec AGEC 45100 Lec
KRAN G016, J. Eales, 01/13 - 04/30 WTHR 320 A. Gray 01/14 - 05/01




ENGL 26700 Lec
REC 225 01/14 - 05/01

ENGL 26700 Lec
REC 225 01/14 - 05/01



Subject Course Type CRN AGEC AGEC AGEC MGMT ENGL 45100 43000 52400 45500 26700 Lec Rec Lec Lec Lec Lec 65203-002 68851-004 10577-001 10588-001 22599-001 43040-001*

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Room KRAN G016 SC 179 WTHR 320 RAWL 1071 SMTH 108 REC 225

Instructor J. Eales

Requires 65203-002


Credit 3 3 3 3 3

12:30p 1:20p 01/13 - 04/30 9:30a 10:20a 01/17 - 05/02 12:00p 1:15p 7:30a 3:00p 8:45a 4:15p 01/14 - 05/01 01/14 - 05/01 01/14 - 05/01

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