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Title Ix Court Case Essay

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TITLE IX Court Case
Title IX is a part of the Education Amendments of 1972. The amendment protects the citizens from discrimination from academic programs on the basis of their gender(Carpenter & Acosta, 2005). It provides that persons of either gender can be granted an opportunity in any education program within taking into consideration their gender. Title IX protects all the students enrolled in government sponsored institutions from discrimination. As much as the code of Civil Rights caters for the protection against such there are still areas where ...view middle of the document...

It is said that the university’s actions were in an attempt to protect the football team for Jameis plays for. Another woman is also entangled in this complex saga who allegedly says that she was also raped by Winston. This ascertains the doubts that might be involved in the case and hence validate the reason why the case should be looked into without discriminating orientation.
The nature of the case qualifies it to be filed as a Title IX lawsuit. Florida State University violated the Education Amendments by neglecting its responsibility to all its students. The first qualification of the category of this case is that FSU is a public university consequently bound by this federal law that applies to government sponsored universities. FSU fails to report the incidence of the rape put the right of all the students at stake. Denying them the freedom from discrimination and protecting them from sexual harassment. No student should be subjected to such action, hence the university should be held responsible for violating the Education Amendments of 1972.
The accuser has the juridisction to file the lawsuit since she is the victim of the assult. The claims that the university had knowledge of the victimization forms the relevance for the filing of the case as a Title IX lawsuit.
In a separate lawsuit, Winston should be charged for violating the rights of an individual. Sexual harassment of any form is a serious violation of one’s basic rights and the violators should face the consequences of their actions. The administrators of the university are also responsible for collaborating in an act of human rights violation(Lerner,2006).They have the knowledge of the crime, but they did not report it to the relevant authorities for consideration.The school held a two day conduct hearing and Jamies was not charged of violating the school’s code of conduct.
The suit claims that the coach and other senior athletic official knew about the issue but did not report it. This was in violation of the school regulations and the federal policies. The consequences of their actions led to the discrimination of the victim. This crippled the school in the chance that they might have had in executing the obligation.
Apart from sexual harassments, the Amendment also provides that the students of either gender should be granted equal opportunities in the athletics. Both genders should be treated with equality and fairness in the sport activities (Carpenter & Acosta, 2005). It provides an allowance that the under-represented gender should be given the opportunity to expand their representation in the sporting activity. Their issues should be well represented and fully accommodated.
Current Status
Sexual harassment can be filed privately by the victim under Title IX. That is if their institution fails to meet its obligations as dictated by the Education Amendments (Carpenter & Acosta, 2005). In normal sexual harassment cases the...

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