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Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is a well-known commercial genius. To understand why Apple can become today’s Apple, Steve Jobs must be viewed from the perspective of leadership. Jobs brought the world with countless gifts. His minimalist aesthetic experience, his innovative idea and his many achievements will play long term impacts on Apple’s international success.
For decades, Apple was the first to insist on its own technology and can become so powerful. It has been suggested that digital entertainment and communications significantly help Apple develop a new market. For global leaders, they must consider the cultural diversity in different countries. Various theories of leadership have ...view middle of the document...

In fact, after he was expelled from Apple, he still set up his new company “Next” in accordance with his own ideas, who also want to beat Apple to prove himself. Although the goal is not reached, but eventually he returned to Apple and largely relied on Next’s software. Even in the interview, he will deliberately deny the interviewer’s former performance in order to see if they have hold firm belief, faith and pride about their own.
Furthermore, effective leadership needs to show respect for individualism. In the process of dealing with these things among leaders and subordinates, everyone can actively be vocal about their opinions. Faced with this situation, leaders choose what kind of leadership, which is directly dependent on the things associated with personal interests and the interests associated with the organization. Typically, Steve Jobs attaches great importance to individualism, so he is good at saying “no”. As a successful leader, he exerted profound impacts on his staff. Compared with numerous product lines in consumer electronics industries, Steve Jobs is a master in subtraction. He is very good at reducing and simplifying the extra features of product lines in order to increase the product’s flexibility. Thus, in a very long period of time, Apple only involves up to six major product lines: the two major desktop and notebook computers, monitors, iPod and iTunes. Therefore, Steve Jobs got rid of many Apple’s operating system functions. Moreover, some of the features on the iPod software, such as recording and radio, have never been activated in the hardware.
In terms of the leadership styles, Steve Jobs is considered as the equipping style. Thus, he chooses roar management at the critical time. Such management method could be described as the direct control on people. Steve Jobs seems to be simple and crude, but he does have very high super-management skills. For example, he is very good at arguing and yelling to control the employees’ emotions and stimulate their fighting spirit. He sometimes showed intolerable desire to control, but sometimes give people the...

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