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Tirra Lirra/Lady Of Shallot Essay

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There is a deep connection between Tennyson’s poem ‘The Lady of Shalott’ and the Jessica Anderson's novel “Tirra Lirra by the river. Anderson uses the lady of shallot as a constant reference throughout the novel relating to nora and memories of her past. The deliberate parallels established between tirra lirra by the river and the lady of shalott enhance our understanding of her life experiences.

Although nora isn't physically trapped in a tower like the lady of shalott, she to spends the majority of her life suspended in a state of becoming, always waiting to escape. Both women are trapped by the expectations that society has placed upon them, belittled by those around them and forced to ...view middle of the document...

Nora’s life journey can be seen as a search or quest for a true sense of place, an ideal location, a camelot, that remains unreachable. Whether it be fleeing from her small town family or her oppressive marriage to an aloof husband, Nora is in a constant search for camelot as to is the lady of shalott. Their search for the fantastical world of camelot prevents them from truly living their lives leaving them with a lack of fulfillment in their lives. Living and experiencing life through the mirror becomes unfulfilling for the lady of shalott as she sees and hears life in many different aspects outside. “with a glassy countenance, did she look to camelot.” Even when she escapes her tower, as she looks down the river and sees her doom, she can feel the weight of the curse and she knows she wont make it to camelot, at least not alive. For both women camelot represents an elusive idealised version of the world and holds great appeal. Nora's life experiences are similar to those of the lady. She never truly experiences the feeling of being at home. Nora feels as though real life is happening elsewhere but that even when she arrives else where it still seams to escape her. In her youth, Nora was stifled by the smallness of life in rural Queensland and later alienated from suburban sydney. “If i had to live here i would die”. This sense of alienation heightens her feelings of difference from others and motivates her search for a more fulfilling place in which to belong. However, no matter where she travels to her camelot a place where individuality and beauty are treasured remains an elusive ideal. They are both trapped...

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