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Tips On Workplace Communication Essay

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We all desire to be innately understood as the unique beings we are, not just personally by our family and close friends, but professionally as well. More often than not communication issues bleed into our workplace on a daily basis, adding significant and unnecessary tension as we go about our day that we wind up bringing into our homes-our respite and peaceful haven from the chaotic world. The appearance of conflict is ubiquitous and certainly inevitable, but knowing a few tips for handling communication dilemmas at one’s place of work can increase one’s quality of life at work leading one to a happier and more productive person on the job, thereby carrying ...view middle of the document...

2. Steer clear of becoming the gossipmonger-
The more you become entangled in it, the more you may be jeopardizing your position. Chances are if someone is talking to you about someone else, they are doing the exact same thing behind your back about you. If someone has got the gift of gab, just listen, and smile, but then proceed back to accomplishing your work. This rule applies to all of your colleagues, but most importantly, and undoubtedly when talking about your boss behind his/her back, or to someone who is “higher” up than you on the hierarchical ladder. People in your organization may get the wrong impression of you, because you are the content of what you say, and whom you associate yourself with.

3. Better sooner rather than later-
If you feel that something was misunderstood between you and your colleague, or if you feel that something is just not quite right, it is best to address the issue earlier rather than later. If one waits too long, more issues could fester in the interim and corrode your working relationship and ethos with others. It is best to approach and tackle the situation directly, however uncomfortable it may be, so that you seek clarity and resolve the issue immediately. One must remember the old adage which states: it’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Any dilemma can be resolved if two parties are willing to communicate properly, and play their respective parts. Simply being straightforward, diplomatic and polite is the key. This also applies regarding miscommunication with upper management.

4. Effective Teambuilding-
When working on a project that involves more than one person, to ensure that no one is micromanaging the team or dominating the flow of a particular project, it is ideal to incorporate the best aspects of one’s skill which can enable oneself to feel unrestricted by bringing their own flair and creativity to the table. With this method, no one will feel left out, group harmony and cohesion will be achieved, and each member can have something of value to contribute.

5. Respect individual differences while avoiding...

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