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Tipping Point Essay

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This book is all about how things around will be affected by a simple or small change. This book is entitled “The Tipping Point” and is written by Malcolm Gladwell. I believe this is the best book among the three that I’ve read. For me this is the most interesting book of the three. The reason for that is because the different stories here are more relatable than the stories from the other two books. There are so many things that are interesting about this book.
The first thing that caught my attention was the first part of the book which contains the acclaims for this book. Just by reading those lines, you would get the feeling that there are a lot of things that you would learn from the ...view middle of the document...

One thing that sticks to my mind in this discussion about Power of Context is “When people are in a group, in other words, responsibility for acting is diffused”. I believe that this is true. A good example for this would be those group activities when in school. When things seem to not go well, the members of the group would start blaming each other that this person is at fault and one would say that another person is at fault, and so on, until they don’t know already who is responsible for that failure in the group. They would continue blaming each other, until one of them claims to be responsible for what happened. I believe that most people don’t want to take responsibilities especially if it is a big one; they are better off staying quiet in one corner rather than helping others for a good outcome.
The next chapter is where things get really interesting. The next chapter is a chapter about the Law of the Few but this time it is elaborated more. This is where we learn about Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen. There is just one thing that I didn’t like about this chapter and that is there are a lot of names given. Sometimes I get confused with names – especially when he was branching out the connection of certain people – they are really a lot, but good thing is it didn’t become a hindrance for me to enjoy reading this chapter.
For me being the Connector is the most interesting role among the three. Being the connector means you know a lot of people and knowing a lot of people for me means a lot more opportunities in life. I envy Roger Horchow and Lois Weisberg. How I wish I am like them. I envy them because I know that knowing a lot of people would give me an advantage in life. Whenever I need something say for example in business, I could ask a lot of different person for help. Reading about their stories makes me really envious of them; I wish that I am like them who seem to like each and every one that they meet. One thing that I learned from their stories is that knowing a lot of people doesn’t also mean having a lot of friends. Getting to know different people doesn’t always mean befriending them – I always thought that if you get to know a person you are already considering him or her as a friend but I was wrong. For me in business, having more acquaintance is better than having a lot of friends. I think having a lot of friends in business would just have more bias since you have that certain relationship rather than an acquaintance which you are not that familiar with.
I think becoming a Connector is also a hard thing to be. Take for example Revere and Dawes, Revere was able to spread word of mouth while Dawes was not able to. Revere was more familiar with the places around Boston rather than Dawes. You have to be familiar with a lot of things to become a good Connector. You need to be familiar not just with the people but also be with the places around you.
For me being a Maven and Salesman is almost the same. I know that in...

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