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Time Travel Essay

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Time Travel

Have you ever thought about how vast the universe is and how little we know about it's secrets?About how insignificant the earth,which is infinite times smaller than the universe,is but yet is so essential that we would not be here without it?About what lies beyond this ever expanding universe?One thing we must remember is that everything in the universe obeys the same rules or laws;Be it on earth or anywhere else in space.This helps us put certain limitations which helps us predict the way the universe works.We know for one thing that every single thing in the universe is attracted towards every other thing,however insignificant may be its value.Using ...view middle of the document...

For example if I were to stand right next to the great pyramid of Giza and my friend were to stand a long distance away and see me through binoculars there would be a slight time lapse.Now lets think big.....what if instead of the pyramid it was a black hole? The mass of a black hole is huge!Time around it would move very slow compared to its farther surroundings.If we were to send a rocket containing people to orbit that black hole time would move differently for them and for us here on earth.For instance if time around the black hole corresponds to twice the time elapsed on earth after one day of orbiting the black hole two days would have passed on earth.But in reality it will be on a larger scale,like,for instance,if time around the black hole corresponds to 365 times the time elapsed on earth after one day of orbiting the black hole one year would have passed on earth!And to think this actually possible.But if you're under the impression that you can just hop on a rocket,travel to the future and meet your great-grandchildren......well maybe you can(for those who already have children that is)or see what's happened to you in the future then you're wrong because you were never there remember?But there are many things to be kept in mind,like the gravitational pull of the black hole, which would be extremely high.In order to overcome or cancel out this force of attraction due to gravity the rocket orbiting it should have a very high velocity.But I still think it's a pretty cool idea!

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