Time Mangement Essay

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Time Management
My usual pattern for completing assignments is to first gain the knowledge and instructions on what to do for that particular task. Usually I complete the assignment a couple of days before it is due, depending on the level of difficulty. If it is a short assignment, most likely I will complete it the night before. I never asked for an extension on my homework because that’s not how things work. Everything has a due date so I never expected to have an ...view middle of the document...

The cons of completing an assignment the night before is that it causes a person to rush. When an assignment is rushed, that leaves minimal amount of time to improve it.
An upcoming assignment is for ENC 1101, a 5-6 page paper that is due on Friday, September 7th.
I plan to complete the final draft on Tuesday so I can go to my professor’s office hours to get feedback on my paper on Wednesday. On Thursday, I plan to go to the writing center to get a thorough revision on my paper. The advantages to this method can aid me to improve my essay and get a better grade. As far as I am concerned there are no disadvantages to this.
My time management skills can certainly improve. As of this moment I only set time pout to do my homework assignments, and I rarely take the time out to study. In order for me to get more study time, I have to cut down my leisure time. Others in the same situation should use their planner, or a reminder on a device to set a schedule to study. This can create better study habits, thus forming enhanced academic performances which will reflect on your grades. With a little time management during the school year, not only do you minimize stress at exam time, but maximize productivity and results.

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