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Time Management Skills And Project Management Skillls

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Many skills developed, utalised, constructed and acquired within the educational stream of university are universally the main skills that are required to be successful within the working enviroment. When we are young adults, we often have parents or carers, to not only nurture and develop our skills and personality but also to prioritise our ideas and developments to ensure they are completed to the highest level. However, as many young adults make the transfer to higher education and move not only from their home life, but also from the continous support their parents provide for them on a continuous basis, the development of new skills are created and it is generally these skills that ...view middle of the document...

During many classes and lectures within the academic world, lecturers and class leaders explain and maintain morals and practises that they developed and mastered during their time of entering the world of work, and ensure their aptitude and competence is inflicted and understood by their students. By ensuring these skills are shown by members of a higher rank, they are influencing and encouraging people to have the grounds to suceed in a pressurising enviroment.

Taking simple steps to complete tasks and manage time efficiently a student is able to make themselves higly successful and competent within the working enviroment. When given a large amount of tasks and assignments to undertake, it is vital that prioritising and organising tasks into manageable and achievable time limits is created. Creating a list of tasks and a step by step guide in order to achieve the finished result is an excellent way of tracking your progress and reflecting on. Setting logical and plausible time limits and goals on any task will also stand a student in a steadfast pace for the working enviroment that they shall later be entering. Perservering with the academic enviroment is also important and will give a person a sense of achievement when they have completed a task and have adhered to all rules and sanctions put in place in order to conclude it.

The main discipline of project management is mainly the planning, organising and managing of resources put in place in order for a task to be completed. The main contest created within this role outline is that of the budget specified for them to work within, the range or scope that has been directed for a manager to work with and the time budget that has been set for the task to be completed. It has been known and understood that if it is found that one of these things are slacking or not kept and adhered to, the whole project or task set will become dispirited and defeated. Within the academic enviroment, these three skills are nurtured within students, and they are qualities all employers and managers search for within candidates to enter a new company or business. Within the business enviroment, when managers are given tasks by their peers, the task comes with a logical yet unflexible deadline, that must be met and maintained at all times. It is at this point that the development and maintanence of a personal schedule or diary is created and managers need to ensure that it is understood and discussed with all members of the group.

Within the business approach, there is a key tool that many companys use in order to ensure the overall management is completed sucessfully and the planning is a key part. Many use the quote 'failing to plan, is planning to fail' and many use this saying in order to achieve to the highest degree. The project initiation is the first stage, where the task is set and discussed between the party on how to go about achieving it in the correct way. It is also at this stage that the...

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