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Time Management Essay

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Time Managment
College Composition I
CM 107

February 14, 2012

“Who hasn't wished at some point that there was a way to get more time in a day? It sometimes seems that we spend so much time rushing from place to place or task to task that we don't actually accomplish anything.”(Ward) Time can be your best friend or you worst enemy. Time can be an overwhelming factor when you feel there is not enough of it. It also plays in your favor by giving you time for the thing that matter most; yourself, family, work, and school by managing it properly. Chris, every time I see you, you always seemed stress out, tired and just plain out of it. I know juggling with 2 kids at home; holding a full ...view middle of the document...

And you know what? It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are healthy and happy with how you’re spending your time. Decide what roles and activities are important to you and live your life accordingly.” (Ward ). Chris by doing step you can point out what you like doing best with your time.
I use to be the person that always said I will do it later. Later came and I would say I will do it tomorrow. This was a continuous cycle for me until I just said stop procrastinating. Procrastination is something all of us fall into because it is the easiest thing to do. “Procrastination masquerades in a million disguises. Among the more common of these are: “One more day won’t make any difference; I’ll just put that off until tomorrow,” “It won’t matter if I’m a few minutes late; no one else will be on time,” “I can’t start on this paper until I know just how I want the first paragraph to read,” “I work best under pressure,” “I’ll watch just 15 more minutes of TV,” and many more like this. (Rivera). Chris give yourself some discipline. Do not to fall a victim to procrastination. Tell you self I am going to do this right now and not later. Have you ever watch the hit movie called “Yes Man” by Jim Carrey? Go with the philosophy of just doing things at that moment. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it as best as you can. Be realistic with times and be flexible if things don’t fall into place right away. Set goals for yourself too; have daily, weekly, and monthly goals set. I use to keep a journal and write down what I needed to get done, what I wanted to get done, and what I actually got done for that day. I kept a record for myself and this helped me stay on track with time management.
By setting goals and stay discipline to completing those goals you will have a sense of accomplishment and will feel rewarded. Chris after checking off your daily goals you will be like wow I did that much today. After a week you will see that your...

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