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Timberland From Bootmaker To Earthkeeper Essay

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Timberland – from bootmaker to earthkeeper

1. Timberland's stakeholders include groups or individuals who either can affect the achievement of Timberland’s business objectives. Their stakeholders include: Employees, Customers, Communities, Shareholders, Suppliers and Factory Workers, Non-Governmental Organizations, Media, Government Entities and Business Colleagues.

2. A vast majority of Timberland’s boots are now equipped with Green Rubber soles, which are made nearly from 50% of recycled materials. This method is socially responsible rather than using the cheapest method at the cost of the environment. Timberland also prides itself on its Community Service given by its own ...view middle of the document...

 With more than 300 factories in 38 different countries, Timberland exposes itself to a fair amount of environmental uncertainty. However, by spreading their resources in so many developing countries leaves them in a less risky position, as each country possesses its own political, environmental, and financial risk position. Also, Timberland is spreading the risk of pollution and erosion by producing in more than one country.
Further research: VF Corporation is an American clothing corporation that sells jean wear, underwear, and work wear. VF Corporation owns Wrangler Jeans, Fruit of Loom, North Face, and 25 more clothing brands that produced over $11 Billion in revenue in 2013. They also own 28 different companies from North Face to Vans, all top brands in their competitive field. Timberland managed to amass 20% of all of VF’s revenue in the most recent quarter
On VF Corporations website, they claim that they are committed to operating a business that ensures that future generations can live with cleaner water and air, healthier forests and oceans, and a stable climate. They actively lead their associates into an environmentally and socially responsible direction and claim to innovate to deliver sustainable products and to be a good corporate citizen. If what VF Corporation says is true, then I believe that Timberland’s integration into VF will help the corporation as a whole improve its socially responsible image and will continue to implement its Earth keeping strategy. It has been 3 years since Timberland’s transition into VF and it still uses its Earth keeping strategy to this day.

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