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Tiger Beer Essay

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Tiger Beer

Country specific channel & Distribution network

Tiger beer is the flagship brand of Asia Pacific Breweries and is brewed in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and China. The 5% above bottled pale lager was launched in 1932 and is available in over 60 countries worldwide across Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East.

Tiger held its own in the premium segment, maintaining its volume despite strong competition. Through a focused distribution strategy to target youths. Tiger Draft is now the No. 1 draft beer in Shanghai.

Industry, Sector market select and Market condition (Opportunities and Threats in MC)

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Free Trade Agreements and other market factors have gradually allowed more players in, which has eroded its market share.

It is perceived as an ‘old fashioned' beer while the young are picking up the new foreign beers flooding the market.

Competitive brands Budweiser, Miller, Coors

Tiger has seen beer drinkers globally acclaim Tiger as one of the finest in the world. It has consistently come out on top in world tastings, winning gold medals for its crisp, smooth, refreshing, well-balanced and flavourful taste.

Other than dominating the domestic market, Tiger Beer has also established itself in the Asia-Pacific region and the European markets, at the same time winning over many discerning drinkers. Currently, the brand can be found in the world’s major cities like Guangzhou, Mumbai, London, Amsterdam, Bangkok etc.


▪ APB has breweries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, India, Sri Lanka, Laos and Mongolia. The company has a strong market share in several countries within the Asia Pacific Region, primarily in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.
▪ In the USA, Tiger Beer’s brand is well known in New York and San Francisco.
▪ In the UK, Tiger Beer can be found in more than 8,000 premium bars/clubs and distribution outlets in its major cities.

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