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Tie And Dye Essay

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DATE:MAY 16,2011

Tie-dye is an ancient art. In Japan they have a form of tie-dye called Shibori they've been using since the 8th century or earlier. Batik is a type of dyeing used for generations in India and is similar to tie-dye. Other techniques associated with tie-dye have been used for hundreds of years in West Africa and other parts of the world. These techniques are the inspiration for 1960's hippie fashion. Tie-dye sure has come a long way.


 Dye vats are prepared ahead of time in buckets or plastic tubs. Pots might have to be used to heat dye mixtures on the kitchen stove or a backyard grill.

Contrary to popular belief, tie-dyeing was not invented in 1960s America. In many countries,tie and dye must have experimented with the use of bindings to create patterns on cloth. Different forms of tie-dye have been practiced in India, Japan, and Africa for centuries. The earliest surviving examples, according to the World Shibori Network, include pre-Columbian alpaca, found in Peru, and silk from fourth century Chinese tombs.
Perhaps it was invented in China 618-906 A.D.

Different forms of tie-dye have been practised in India, Japan, and Africa for centuries. Tie-dyeing began some 5000 years ago. This craft was not at first practised on cotton, as cotton has been used in India for perhaps 3000 years. 

The art of dyeing was first invented by the ancient indians, which lead to tie-dyeing.


-Article of Clothing 



-Food Coloring, or other Dye

-Rubber Bands

| |
1. Place a pre-washed, still damp (the fabric should not be dripping wet, but evenly damp as if it came directly out of the washing machine), t-shirt flat on a smoothed plastic drop cloth. | |
2. Pick a spot on the shirt and pinch some fabric to place between your fingers. Some use a fork in place of your hands but that has been known to tear the fabric if you are not careful. | |
3. Twist your fingers to...

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