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Thy Shall Not Steal Essay

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Thy Shall Not Steal is the eighth principle of moral behavior for the human race. It is also
embedded into the foundation of the moral code and legal system of western civilization yet, it is
probably the most desecrated. I believe that no one should steal.
It was an ordinary summer weekend where I like many children were outside playing in the
neighborhood. My family and I had recently relocated into a lovely home in a very prominent
area of town. This home was not too far from a large university campus which I admired and
dreamed of attending. I would sometimes redirected my route as I walked home from school
carrying my book bag in hopes of being mistaken for a young ...view middle of the document...

What happened in that next hour changed and reinforced my beliefs profoundly. After
eating and resting for a while I asked my mother if I could go back outside and continue to play,
she replied, “yes but only for a little while longer because it will be dark soon.” I ran out the
door making a beeline to my bicycle, however as I looked in the location where I last left it there
was nothing there. Now bewildered I turned in circles to scan the porch and front yard.
I ran around the house to the backyard and looked in the garage with hopes that maybe my mom
or dad had placed it in their while I was inside. Next I paced back and forth reflecting and
thinking where on earth my bicycle could be! I ran inside and asked my mom where was my
bicycle? Perplexed by my question she looked with a blank stare and said, “you parked it on the
front porch.” After hearing that I ran back outside and look at the very same spot where I left by
bicycle on the front porch now hoping and wishing that somehow I over looked it. Panic and
anxiety sat in as I came to terms with the inevitable, that someone has taken my bicycle.
I walked and searched up and down the very same street that I would ride my bicycle for hours.
Next I decided to knock on the neighbors’ door to my left, right and across the street to ask if
they have seen my bicycle, everyone replied “no.” I continued to walk and search the
neighborhood, asking everyone that I came into contact with if they had seen my bicycle; time
after time everyone exclaimed, “no.” After what seemed like an eternity, I broken heartedly
began to cry and gave up my search. I slowly began my long arduous walk home through the
neighborhood, up and down the same streets which I once rode my bicycle. On my arrival home
mother was waiting at the door and empathetically watched as I paused on the porch and gazed
at the area where my bicycle last sat; as if it were a memorial or sacred location. Finally I
labored my into the house with my head held low. My mother attempted to comfort me by
telling me not to be sad and that she would buy me another bicycle. Not ready to give up hope
I asked my parents could we call and report the theft to the authorities. They both felt that it

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