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Thursday Essay

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ENGL 205
April 14, 2014
The story Green Thursday was very interesting. The title made me a little curious about reading the story. In this story, green Thursday represents the day Jesus returns to heaven. The main characters in this story are Mike, Rose, Baby Rose, and Killdee. Killdee is Rose husband and Baby Rose is their child. Mike is the family mule. Rose is pregnant with her second child.
Rose is very holy and takes green Thursday very serious. A good way to make money during this time is to plow corn and sale it. It was a sin to plow corn on green Thursday and anybody who did would be strike dead by lighting or burnt in a fire. The village believe that God would kill or do something bad ...view middle of the document...

Mike was a very good loyal mule. His bones were bad and his belly was full of old bad corn. Mike teeth were too rotten to bite into his food. Killdee knew that he needed a fresh mule to help him work in the fields. Killdee decided he and Mike would go and work in the fields. That made Rose really worried because she took it so serious.
Killdee returned home after a long day in the fields. Rose was really upset with Killdee as she fixed him a plate of food. She says, “Somet’ing bad’ll happen to you sho as Gawd’s enn heaben. People ain’ fo’ plow today.” (p. 163) Rose is telling Killdee that something bad is going to happen to him and that he knows people are not suppose to work in the fields today. Mike was in the barn resting and Baby Rose was asleep. The weather starting changing and a storm came. The family had a fire going to keep the house warm. Mike was in the barn resting.
Mike began to get real sick and Rose and Killdee had to run out in the storm to go save him. Baby Rose was in the bedroom still asleep. The fire in the house somehow got out of control and burned baby Rose to death. Rose blames God and Killdee for Baby Rosees death. She says, “ God was hard. Unfair. Killdee had done wrong.” (p. 168) She was angry with Killdee and God.
Killdee was put in a bad situation. He needed the money to support a bigger family. He knew he had done wrong but his family came first. In this story you learn that people are put in situations that they know is wrong but you have to do what you got to do to survive, even if it’s major consequences. This story had a good point to it and I enjoyed it.

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