Through A Selected Specific Community, Demonstrate An Understanding Of The Concept Of Community, And Appraise Its Needs, Strengths And Resources. Discuss How The Relevant Health And Social Care Policies, Contribute To

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Through a selected specific community, demonstrate an understanding of the concept of community, and appraise its needs, strengths and resources. Discuss how the relevant health and social care policies, contribute to the well being of the community and the individuals within it.

Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care

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The geographical area that will be studied and reported on is Bridgend, South Wales. The community of interest is adults with past and present Mental Health problems. The health and social care policies and procedures that I will use to support my work, are from my place of work at Claremont Residential Care Home and from local ...view middle of the document...

Its crime rating overall is above average.

“Communities First is the Welsh Assembly Government’s flagship programme to improve the living conditions and prospects for people in the most disadvantaged communities across Wales”[3] The communities first areas in Bridgend are Betws, Blackmill (including Lewistown, Pontyrawel, Blacmill, Glyn Ogwr and Evanstown), Careau and Llangeinor. The programme is a long-term plan, which will continue running for at least a ten-year period. It can also include a shorter-term plan for a 3-year period. The key themes included are, jobs and business, education and training, health and wellbeing, environment, community safety, active community and any other problems and properties identified by the community. As well as help from the Welsh Assembly Government communities can also gain funding from external sources, such at the national Lottery. It has been designed for the people in the local areas to be able to decide what the needs are and any improvements. The communities first aims to “ get local people involved in improving their areas and their own prospects. Make sure improvements last. Encourage flexibility, risk taking and new ways of dealing with problems.”[4] In order for the Welsh Assembly Government to identify suitable at need communities to be a part of communities first they use the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation. This includes all the detailed information, categorised by postcode for all of Wales as well as separately for communities first areas.

Influences upon wellbeing:

Statistics taken in 2001 show people who describe themselves as being in good health at 63.5% compared to people describing themselves as not being in good health at 13.6%. There is a higher percentage of people that classify themselves as having a limited long-term illness at 25%.[5] This is a quarter of people in Bridgend that class themselves with limiting long time illness, including mental health problems.


Fig 1: People with a long-term illness, disability or infirmity, by the nature of their disability
Living in Wales 2008.

The Living in Wales survey by statistics for Wales 2008 describes the pattern in people with a limiting long-term illness or disability increasing with age by “Only 4 per cent of people under 30 years of age had a limiting disability compared with 37 per cent of people 60 and over” [6]

The increase in mental health is confirmed by health statistics by the Welsh Assembly Government, which includes the number of admissions, hospital discharges and resident patient for the period up to the end of March 2008. They show an increase in resident patients by 7, which is 0.4 per cent in 2007-08. There were 1,328 formal admissions to hospital, an increase of 142, 12 percent from the previous year.[7] What factors are causing the increase in patients and admissions? The Welsh Assembly Government states that” one in...

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