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Three Years She Grew: A Bittersweet Affair With Nature

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Three Years She Grew: A Bittersweet Affair With Nature
Throughout Wordsworth’s life, he was subject to many hardships in which he had no control over. From the inability to be with his loved ones, to the abrupt deaths of his children and family, it seems like Wordsworth was constantly reminded of one’s mortality with these reoccurring tragedies. With this in mind, Wordsworth adored Nature’s peace and beauty as it provided an escape from the daily human strains as well as a place for the imagination to wander. In William Wordsworth’s “Three Years She Grew”, Wordsworth shows us his appreciation for the beauty of Nature and its ability to lead us to transcendence. However, Wordsworth’s ...view middle of the document...

When Wordsworth is able to speak again the first thing he says is “Thus Nature spake” which makes it seem like Wordsworth was only able to watch Nature take his turn and is only allowed back into the conversation when it has ended. Despite this, Wordsworth shows no attempt to interrupt Nature’s story which could enforce Nature’s dominion over Wordsworth and/or his adoration for Nature. In addition, it is shown that Nature claims Lucy for himself to close off his story, which consequently leads to Wordsworth’s masculine depiction of Nature.
Wordsworth diction denotes the virility and power of Nature, as well as the conflict between Nature and Wordsworth. The power struggle and conflict between the two is best exemplified when Nature claims that “This Child I to myself will take; She shall be mine, and I will make A Lady of my own…The Girl in rock and plain, In earth and heaven, in glade and bower” (4-10). Nature describes the beloved as this beautiful “flower” which will eventually bloom and he decides that he will make Lucy “A Lady” of his own. The choice of flower implies that the beloved is a beautiful delicate girl which naturally, has to bloom which is shown later when her “virgin bosom swells”. Furthermore, Nature’s description of the beloved implies that he adores Lucy, in which he turns into a rival lover thus competing with Wordsworth. Also shown in this passage are the...

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