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Three Secrets To Academic Success Essay

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A Grammatical Analysis in Three Secrets to Academic Success
What will readers do after reading a writing style?
There are many things that readers may do after reading a writing style, such as making judgments, and thinking about how information might be used in the future. Analysis is also an important thing that a good reader done. People can analysis about the author’s ideas, techniques, and patterns in the writing style. Language is involved with almost everything we do as human beings. We cannot live without language. To capture a language, Learning about English grammar pattern is a dimension that would be mean for achievement. Analysis a writing style can help us discovering the ...view middle of the document...

They brought about different effects in her writing. An example of simple sentence is “Creativity is our birthright!” (Peled, 2011). This simple sentence contains just an independent clause to declare or exclaim something. In this simple sentence, she wanted to exclaim about creativity. It has the most basic elements that make it a sentence, for instance a subject, a verb, and a completed thought. In addition, the exclamation mark is used to give emphasis to her statement. This means she wants the reader to understand the strong statement even in simple sentence. The following example is using a compound sentence to compose of two or more independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction. “They are simply abandoned again, but without any warning that would give them the opportunity to prepare a means of finding their way home.” (Peled, 2011). This sentence contains two clauses which are joined by "but". It contains two independent clauses that have equal grammatical status. The comma and coordinating conjunction do not affect the independency of the compound sentence. Therefore, coordinating conjunctions are useful for connecting these clauses. The purpose of using coordinating conjunction is to make an impact between two clauses. A complex sentence contains both independent and dependent clauses. In the following example, both clauses contain a subject and a verb, but the dependent clause has a subordinating conjunction words “since”. “Since academic success requires creativity, we can now understand how one might subconsciously choose to avoid being successful there” (Peled, 2011). Subordinating conjunction signal meaning relationship between two clauses and express specific independent clause. It also affect the grammatical status of the clause that subordinating conjunction attach to. Because of the dependent clause comes first, it is always followed by a comma. In this case, the complex sentence indicates clearer and more specific relationships between two clauses of the sentence. In fact, the author also relied on the purpose and relationship of the sentences to determine the type of a sentence. Using a vary sentence types is a good idea for more interesting and appealing to readers. She did not use too many simple sentences in a paragraph because they seem choppy and disconnected. However, some compound and complex sentences can over‐complicate a paragraph, muddying the writer’s ideas and alienating the readers. Readers would be more attractive in the writing. Using a variety of sentences made her writing interesting and lively. Readers would be more attractive in the writing.
Voice pertains to the way a verb functions relative to the subject of the sentence. Many sentences in this chapter were written in an active voice. With active voice, the action of the verb is linear and straightforward. The sentence is subject (agent) –> verb string –> direct object (theme) –> (rest of predicate). The author used active voice to make...

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