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Three Professional Athelets Of Racquetball Essay

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Three Professional Atheletes of Racquetball
Cliff Swain was born on March 21, 1966 in San Jose California but really raised in Braintree Massachutes. His father, Robert “Red” Swain, a competitive handball player introduced Cliff to racquetball when he was just 13 years old. Soon winning Massachusetts State and New England Regional Junior Racquetball Championships, Swain was naturally talented and quickly picked up the game. The US Junior National 16 and Under Racquetball Championship was won by Cliff Swain in 1983. Then in 1984 the Orange Bowl World 18 and Under Junior Racquetball Championship was won by Swain. Swain later went on to Providence College in 1984 where he was on the ...view middle of the document...

For the first time in 1990 Swain finished the year as the number one ranked player in the world. Also in 1990, at the age of 24 Swain would likely have won more racquetball tournaments but he left racquetball to pursue a tennis career at the encouragement of Ion Tiriac, one time coach of Boris Becker. Although Swain had some success, it was not nearly at the level he had experienced in racquetball and that pursuit only lasted two years.
Marty Hogan was born January 22, 1958 in St. Louis Missouri where he was taught top lay racquetball by his mother, Goldie. Hogan has won more tan 100 international or national titles and six U.S. national championships during his 14-year career as a former American racquetball player. From 1976 to 1990 Hogan was ranked either number one or number two in the world. Hogan relocated to San Diego, California while still a teenager to pursue profesional racquetball and eventually atended San Diego State University. Between 1978 and 1982, and again in 1986 he won the indoor profesional racquetball national championship on five consecutive occasions. Hogan had a serve that drove the ball as fast as 142 miles per hour which credited him for revolutionizing the game of racquetball. Marty Hogan brought an elegance that was fascinating to watch based off his unusual grace and balance of movement to the sport.
In 1975, Hogan turned profesional and won his first profesional racquetball title in Burlington, Vermont. Hogan was the one in all the history of racquetball to go on to become the first millionaire. He didnt only win the Pro Racquetball Nationals in his greatest season of 1979, but he also won the Outdoor Racquetball Nationals and the PaddleBall Nationals. He is the only player in history of the sport to win all three titles in one year. In 1989, Hogan captured his final national racquetball championship, before retiring the...

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