Three Firms To Research Essay

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Three Firms to Research
Nabil AlBayoumi
American Intercontinental University
BUSN 300

As a marketing manager I will be researching three different firms. These firms are AT&T, Verizon wireless and Metro PCS. These companies are the giants in the cell phone industry. This research paper will show why they are worthy of pursuit. Also the category in which the company lands in. In-addition to the risks in the opportunities, which will be recommended and the reflection of marketing on the firm.

Three Firms to Research
The three different firms are the biggest names in the industry of cell phone. Each of them offers a wide verity of option and opportunity for ...view middle of the document...

Placing AT&T into a category of marketing, AT&T would be placed in the home run and singles category. AT&T is taking a risk by investing in the entertainment and trying to achieve goals that are difficult and risky. They also are a single due to the small project they do, that is low in risk.
The second company is Verizon wireless. Their motto is our people our network. Verizon wireless is the leading in delivering communication and broadband to wire-line and wire-less customers. Verizon wireless supports and serves 104 million customers worldwide. Verizon wireless employees 196000 and generated 106.6 billion in revenue. Verizon offers its customers coverage communication, information and entertainment over a fiber optic network. Verizon is the first company to offer 4G LTE. They introduced 4g LTE in early 2011. Verizon wireless is offering exceptional customer service to each and every customer they have. Verizon offers two year contract to their customers and services. Verizon increased their revenues by 6.3% over last year. Data revenues also increased by 22.3 and 25.8% in operating margin. In-addition to 43.7% margin on service revenues. Verizon covers 104.0 million connections which also include 88.4 million retail customers. Verizon wireless is worthy to pursue because of the different aspect they offer. Verizon is America’s network and offers the fastest and latest technology for the broadband network. To categorize Verizon in a marketing way, they would be a low hanging fruit. They adapt to what the customer wants and needs. They can change the color or the product to better suit the needs of their consumers.
The third company is Metro PCS. Metro is a newer company. Metro was launched in 2002. Metro offers a broadband network with no contract and offers a flat rate that does not change. Metro offers a limited range of service through the U.S. Metro covers 280 million customers and has 8.9 million subscribers as of March 31 2011. The churn rate for Metro is 3 to 4%. Customer upgrade are at 16% and Metro has recovered 4.8 million in gross additions. Metro would not be worthy to pursue due to the limited coverage and the limited marketing opportunities. TO place Metro in a category would be low hanging fruit. Their operation offer no risk or complication to the management team. Metro is simple and they give what the consumer want and the ability to save money.
AT&T should have more advertising the programs or additions they have that the other companies do not have. Pursuing the entertainment aspect would be a great approach for them to increase...

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