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Three Elements Of A Good Employment Relationship

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Identify three elements of a good employment relations system

Dunlop Model

The Dunlop Model, created by John Dunlop, is a conceptual model that studies employment relations.

|Marketing/ Budgetary constraints |Union | |
|Technology |Management |Rules of the workplace. |
|Distribution of power in society |Government ...view middle of the document...

This was during the 1980s and 1990s.

Other components have been added to the Dunlop’s Model by researchers over the years, and hte result is the Tripartite Gum Model.

Tripartite Gum Model

|Economic |Government |Industrial peace |
|Political |Union |Investment growth |
|Legal |Management |Quality of work life |
|Social |Mechanism |Competitiveness |
|Ecological |Teamwork |Productivity |
|Labour market |Collective bargaining |Mutual trust |
|Technology |Dispute settlement |Social justice |
|Shared values |Process | |
| |Tripartism | |
| |Consultation | |

This improved system has several characteristics.
- The system has firm foundations of a cooperative relationship amongst the tripartite, with the government being the main policymaker.
- The focus is mainly based on industrial harmony, economic growth and political stability.
- There is a strong and centralized union movement, which is controlled. The union is NTUC.

- There is a peaceful and non-adversarial relationship between the unions and the government.

Types and Nature of Employee Relations

There are several ways to analyse the nature of an employee relation.
- Strains may show the nature of an employee relation. However, such dissatisfactions and conflicts are not always obvious.
- Indications of poor employee relations include absenteeism from work, high labour turnover, sabotage and/or accidents.
There are five categories of employee relations.
- Antagonistic relationship: Rejection of needs and attempt to block efforts of the other party.
- Adversarial relationship: Based on...

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